How To Not Mess Up A Missions Presentation

The missions presentation is a tradition in western Christianity by which the missionary presents her ministry in a home or church. When done well, a missionary presentation can multiply God’s glory and casts a vision which increases interest in God’s global work. When done poorly, a missions presentation can act as a sleep aide for the audience and an anxiety builder for the missionary.

Missions presentations don’t need to be painful or burdensome for the presenters or the spectators. Sadly, many missions presentations are done badly and don’t cast a vision for the amazing work God will be doing through the missionary and his partners in a foreign culture. Missions presentations are a way to share the infectious joy God has given the missionary with those privileged enough to be present. Missions presentations are not rocket science, just eternally imperative.

When you plan on attending a church or missions gathering make sure you ask if you can make a presentation. Make sure you inquire well ahead of your scheduled visit. Don’t assume anything. Ask how long your presentation should be and what the leadership would like you to discuss. Inquire if you can have a table to display additional information, and ask how long you will be afforded to talk.

Be flexible. Don’t be a slave to your technology. Be capable of giving a presentation without technology if something goes wrong and be prepared to change your presentation on a moment’s notice. Practice your presentation ahead of time and ask for critique from trusted friends before you ever give a presentation. Have memorized several presentation ranging from two minutes to 30 minutes. Respect the ministries of others by sticking to your allotted time. If you are given five minutes to speak, save everything you have to say within five minutes.

Tell a story about a national impacted by your ministry. Use names of real people and don’t bore your audience with too many statistics. Be honest and transparent and don’t be embarrassed to express your real emotions. Your enthusiasm and your heart will be contagious. Distribute additional hardcopy information to allow people to walk away with information in their hands and provide a way for people to sign up to receive additional information. Make sure you ask people to pray for you and ask for financial support, don’t assume they know you need finances

Avoid giving an academic PowerPoint presentation and simply reading your slides. Don’t feel the need to provide excess backstory or details. The stories you tell should create an emotional mind picture that doesn’t need an abundance of narrative. Don’t bore your audience with a history or government lesson about the people you will serve.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your fears and emotions, but don’t feel the need to give your resume. Never use your presentation time as a soapbox. You have been given a forum to present God’s ministry, not to air your grievances. Your children and spouse should not be excluded from your missions presentations, but you shouldn’t make your presentation about showing off your cute kids.

Submit to the will of the Lord. Neither your ministry, nor your missions presentation are about you, it is all about Christ. People will partner with you through prayer and financial support only if they are led by the Holy Spirit to do so. Your efforts neither gain nor loose supporters. God controls every penny and when you will depart for the mission field if and when he wants you to. Very few people will make a decision to support your work based on how badly you bumbled your presentation or how polished you were. People will support your missions work because they experienced God’s involvement in your presentation and felt the pull of his Spirit to partner with you.

Bathe your presentation and preparation is prayer. Make sure your stories, literature, and words are focused on God. Ensure God is glorified by your presentation regardless of whether you gain financial partners or not. If people see God being glorified in the nations, yet still don’t support your ministry, that is a win for the kingdom.

A missions presentation is a missionary providing other people the opportunity to glorify God. The decision of the hearers to support or not support your ministry does not reflect on you. Clearly convey how a need exists in another culture and how God has selected you to fill that need so he can have greater glory among that people group. Paint a picture for people that you have been called by God to go and others have been called to stay and pray and support your work financially. Help people understand that both goers and senders have been ordained by God to accomplish his will, and you are gathering your team to bring God glory around the globe.