Language Learning For New Missionaries

This week at MTW‘s Cross Cultural Missions Internship in Belgium the 18 new missionaries are working on language acquisition. The language training system is called Program in Language Acquisition Techniques (PILAT) and is taught by longtime missionary Nancy Craig.

The four days of PILAT training is hard, frustrating, and very useful. The raining on Monday and Tuesday centered around vocalization basics, language theory, and establishing a linguistic approach.

On Monday Erin was asked to give personal testimony regarding the impact of language learning on ministry. She shared with the new missionaries that even after 10-years language learning was hard, but that being able to communicate with people she was serving had built a connection with them that was irreplaceable.

On Tuesday Mike and Erin sat on a panel of experienced missionaries to discuss language acquisition and life on the field. The new missionaries asked questions about ministry during language learning, house help, family balance, social media, and much more.

Please pray Mike and Erin can help prepare these 18 missionaries to serve the Lord in the 12 countries they will serve.