A New Semester Of English Classes

On Tuesday Mike started teaching another round of English classes at our seminary. This semester the classes will again be taught on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

On the first day of class four students showed up. On Thursday, the second day of class, 16 students attended. This is a class for all levels. Teaching English at our seminary serves two purposes. The students of the seminary get practice so they can pass our biblical English exam. In addition, the classes are an outreach to the community.

During the first two classes Mike had the students read allowed from a children’s Christian book to gauge their pronunciation and comprehension. Many students were frustrated, but Mike promised them that next week we would start with basics.

There was a great mix of students. Some from the seminary, but most from the community. A couple of returning students, but lots of new students.

Please be in prayer that this ministry can reach into the community and be a blessing for people who value the added skill of language.