Erin Back In Africa With Unresolved Health Issues

After Erin departed Belgium she went to the U.S. for two weeks. She was able to spend a few days with our daughter. Erin was also given the privilege of speaking about our mission work at Houston Lake Presbyterian Church. But the real reason Erin was back in the U.S. was to address some medical concerns.

Erin had five medical appointments, which included a few tests and a couple of procedures. The result is she will be drastically changing her diet, taking a few more daily pills, and exercising a little more than she already was.

While we want to keep the issues private, we can share with you that Erin is not in any immediate danger and she is staying ahead of her problems. Surgery has not been ruled out for the future, but is not currently on the table. Unfortunately, its not over. She has to return to the U.S. again in six months for additional tests and checkups. Between now and then she has to monitor and log her vitals and adjust her lifestyle.

Sorry for the vagueness, but know even though the illnesses are keeping Erin chronically tired, she continues doing ministry at full speed. Please be in prayer for the adjusted diet and lifestyle changes. Please pray the Great Physician will heal Erin in such a miraculous way, only he can be the cause.

2 thoughts on “Erin Back In Africa With Unresolved Health Issues”

  1. Mike and Erin, although I have no doubt that your trust is in our sovereign Lord, to do His will, there is strong evidence that you are human. Like me, and all the rest of us , there are times we need a hug and a reminder of how others care.
    Consider yourselves hugged and know lthis one cares and I am asking our God to apply His healing hand to Erin and calm the aching heart of Mike , the man who loves her sincerely. Lord, please touch them now. I desire that your will is to make your power to heal clear to all those who doubt, and that this will be used to draw many to you and make your holy name be exalted among the nations.
    I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus

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