Nationals Helping Nationals

A major part of what we try to do as missionaries is work ourselves out of a job. Our goal is to train up nationals so serve other nationals. Ideally, we can prepare them well enough that they can take over the ministry and serve their own culture better than we ever could.

To that end, Mike started using his best English student, Ramón, as an assistant English teacher. Mike taught Ramón last semester and Ramón is back and really wants to work on his conversational English. New to English class this semester is Lorenzo, who is also quite advanced in English. So, while Mike teaches the 8-12 other students the basics, Ramón and Lorenzo have conversations in English. Mike walks over every few minutes to correct their pronunciation and grammar.

Erin has also been able to enlist three national nurses to help her at her mobile medical clinics. The nurses volunteer their time to help their own people, and at the same time learn a new skill set they would not otherwise receive.

Pray for the Lord to send us more nationals with whom we can train to serve members of their own community.