Erin Hosts Medical Clinic At Local Church

Erin hosted a medical clinic at the Nazarene Church pastored by Daniel Ncuna. In addition to running his church, pastor Ncuna is the director of a school on the same site, and a professor at our seminary.

Before the clinic started Erin taught a brief class to the waiting patients on high blood pressure. Erin explained what causes high blood pressure and how it can be treated with diet and exercise. Erin is teaching heath related courses like this before her clinics to provide patient education to the people and to help them learn how to address their problems without expensive medicines or doctor visits. Erin is teaching Guinean nationals to teach brief classes like this as well.

Erin provided personal medical care to 25 patients, some were routine, while others were life threatening. She treated a baby who weighed 9 lbs. at 10 months old. Erin tried to encourage the mom as best she could, but didn’t hold out much hope for the baby having a long life.

These free medical clinics are a great way for Erin and her Guinean volunteers to glorify God and provide his grace and mercy to our brothers and sisters.