Serving The Poor At A Medical Clinic

On Thursday Erin hosted a free medical clinic at a church called “House of Prayer for all the Nations.” This church is pastored by Luis Ovono Mba Añegue. Pastor Luis is a leader at our IBCP seminary Erin was helped by a national nurse who volunteers his time to aide his culture.

Erin started the day by giving two educational lectures to the 30 adults: one on high blood pleasure and the other on AIDS/HIV. Erin talked about myths and basic facts and provided lots of opportunities for the participants to take control of their own health. There were plenty of questions and discussion from the group. These public health seminars provide the participants with knowledge and the ability for them to control their own lives.

Erin treated 40 patients and provided parasite treatment for 30 children. The community served by the church is very poor and the residents cannot afford the public health care. This the first time this church had experienced anything like this.

The community was very appreciative. God was greatly glorified by all those involved. Please pray for pastor Luis and work he and the leaders of his church are doing in the community of Sede.