Our MTW Boss Visits Us

Our MTW boss came for a visit. Bill Yarbrough is the International Director for Sub-Saharan Africa and this past week he came to spend time with us for four days. Bill has worked intimately with missionaries for a long time throughout Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Bill has been all over the world serving and training missionaries and this was the first time he had ever visited Equatorial Guinea.

While Bill was here he had lots of time to see the sites, interact with the culture, and see our ministry in action. Bill helped teach the advanced students in Mike’s English class and visited two of Erin’s mobile medical clinics. Bill was also gracious enough to be a guest preacher at our church on Sunday before he jumped on his return flight couple hours later.

It was such a great blessing to spend time with Bill. He has been an amazing mentor, friend, and counselor to both Erin and Mike. We value Bill so much and have appreciated him so greatly over the last 12 years.

Please pray for Bill as he provides an invaluable service to us and hundreds of other MTW missionaries.