Medical Clinic By Erin At Church

Erin hosted a medical clinic in a super-poor community at the church Basilio Oyono. Pastor Basilio is a teacher and graduate of our seminary. This clinic provided the mercy of Christ and helped the ministry of one of the men serving at our seminary.

At the clinic Erin treated 35 patients. Most of the people she consulted were older, Fang women who spoke very little Spanish. The church provided a Spanish to Fang translator. Thee of Erin’s Guinean nurse friends showed up to volunteer their time and make the clinic run more smoothly.

Erin provided vitamin A and anti-parasite medication for 20 kids. These are very important treatments for young children as they help in with proper physical development.

Before the clinic Erin taught four educational classes to the waiting patients. Erin handed out homemade educational materials and taught on AIDS, Malaria, water purification, and Typhoid. Erin received lots of questions and helped to correct many health myths.

The educational materials Erin distributed were created by her. The papers are pictorial to help provide information for illiterate or non-Spanish patients.

Please pray that all those served see Christ as the author of physical mercies and not Erin.