Free Seminary Books For Students

Mike just concluded teaching a class on “Overview of the New Testament” at our seminary. Each of the 20 students received a free copy of the Spanish version of the book “An Introduction to the New Testament” by D.A Carson and Douglas Moo. This gift is a great blessing for the students as most of them don’t own Spanish language theology books and they will be able to better prepare for sermons and Sunday school classes.

Later this month Mike will teach a course on “Overview of the Old Testament” on the Malabo campus of our seminary. Mike has purchased 25 copies of the Spanish version of “Introduction to the Old Testament” by Tremper Longman III and Raymond Dillard.

These books are nearly impossible to purchase in Central Africa. These are the same books used by seminaries in the U.S. For an evangelical pastor to own these books in their own language in the Global South is a very rare thing. When Mike informs the students the books are theirs to keep the classes applaud and cheer. Some students can’t believe they get to keep the books and one student even broke down in tears, as it was the first theology book she had ever owned.

For each class we teach we have been providing free copies of theology books for the students. Our desire is that if a student receives a theology book in every class they take from Mike, by the time they graduate they will have a small personal library of 5-10 books in their home. Hopefully, this will enrich their ministries for years to come.