Erin Hosts Medical Clinic At Our African Church

This week Erin hosted a medical clinic at the Baptist church we attend in Central Africa. It was a great blessing for the people we worship with every week. Before the clinic started Erin put on another round of health education classes. She continued to instruct Guinean nurses on how to teach the classes. They provided health education on potable water, typhoid, and high blood pressure.

Erin and the Guinean nurses treated over 20 patients, including several with high blood pressure, new baby check-ups, and lots of aches and pains. The Guinean nurses are really starting to step up and learn new procedures and take charge.

In addition, our Fang instructor, Jeronimo, volunteered to translate into Fang. He normally does Bible translation, so this was a wonderful opportunity to work on his medical translation so he could be used to translate for future medical clinics.

It is always a joy for Erin to serve people at her mobile medical clinics, but it was extra special to be able to serve those with whom we regularly worship.