Mercy, Education, And Medicine At Church

Last week Erin hosted a free medical clinic at the Church of the Nations in Christ. The church is pastored by Hipolito Etó Mbá, who is one of Mike’s students at our seminary. Erin is hosting clinics at the churches of our seminary students to help benefit their ministries.

Erin, and her Guinean nurse Margarita, treated 40 patients. They also provided anti-parasite medication and Vitamin A (vision) for 20 children. Margarita worked at patient intake to check the vitals of each patient and write down their primary complaint.  Erin treated two cases of Filariasis: a mosquitoes transmitted tropical disease. It manifests as elephantiasis, a thickening and malformation of the skin and tissue. Erin also treated five cases of malaria and one person with a blood pressure of 258/158 (120/80 is normal).

Before the clinic Erin provide patient health education, complete with handouts on AIDS, high blood pressure, water purification, and Typhoid.

There was amazing need in this church and surrounding community. Praise God for his mercy.