Incredible New Fang Translation Project

After several months of hard work we are thrilled to announce the launching of a new Fang translation partnership between our ministry, The Gospel Coalition, and Crossway publishing. We are partnering together to translate John Piper’s book Spectacular Sins into a free Fang audio book.

When this translation is complete, the Fang people will be given free access to download and share audio files of Piper’s Spectacular Sins in their heart language. This amazing book, originally published in 2008, is about discerning God’s design to use our sins for his glory. The absolute sovereignty of God over evil and suffering is virtually unknown to the majority of Fang churches, making many reticent to completely abandon their traditional religion of witchcraft.

Fang is spoken by over a million people in the Central African countries of Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon and the Republic of the Congo. The growing Christian culture among the Fang is yearning for theological instruction. Very few theological resources are available in any language in Central Africa. While many in the Fang culture are literate in Spanish or French, Fang is their heart language. Fang culture has a great affinity for oral learning and their history and culture has traditionally been preserved through oral tradition.

Via The Gospel Coalition (TGC) we are raising $11,500 to fund this translation project. This will be TGC’s first audio book and their first translation into the Fang language. In addition, it will be the first ever complete Christian book translated into the Fang language. If you’d like to be part of this groundbreaking Fang translation you can make a contribution HERE.

The translators who will be working on the project are Luís Lorenzo Ncogo Mba and Gerónimo Nsue Mba Mbengono. They are two experienced translators who are also currently working on translating the Old Testament from Spanish to Fang.

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