First Week Of Training New Missionaries

On Monday, the presenters, interns, and mentors arrived into Zoventem, Belgium where we are training new missionaries for a month. On Tuesday, the new missionaries and their kids arrived. There was plenty of jetlag and culture shock to go around.

In the first week of training each day started with prayer, singing, and preaching. Mike was given the privilege of preaching on the first day. All the new missionaries met their coaches and had their first group meeting.

During classroom instruction the new missionaries learned about team dynamics, community analysis, cultural cues, cultural measurement, and culture shock. In addition, the coaches took their missionaries out into different communities and interacted with different cultures to try to better understand that neighborhood.

On Saturday, the groups first day-off, Mike and Erin volunteered to lead the new missionaries on a guided tour of Brussels.

It is a great pleasure to be able to train and mentor these eager servants of the Lord.