MTW, West Coast – Update #2

So, Mike, give us more details about this new ministry…

Where will you be working?
The new MTW, West Coast office will be focused on sending out missionaries from California, Arizona, and Nevada. Our job will be to promote missions, recruit missionaries, and mentor them from the churches, seminaries, and colleges in those three states. There will be much traveling throughout that region.

Are you only working with Presbyterian (PCA) churches?
No. While there are over 120 PCA churches in our region, and seven PCA presbyteries, there are plenty of churches in the OPC, PRC, URC, EPC, CRC, and other (or no) denominations, with whom we will be working. In addition, there are five TGC regional chapters, seven RUF chapters, dozens of Christian undergraduate universities and many seminaries. Mike will be building relationships with all those folks and promoting missions within them.

Will you have an office and staff?
Yes. Part of the job includes finding a physical headquarters and hiring new staff to run the show.

What does the first six-months of the job look like?
Mike will need to build relationships with hundreds of churches and other missions-minded people within the region. For the first six-months to one-year Mike will be meeting with pastors, missions committees, presbyteries, TGC regional meetings, college ministries, seminaries, and more to cultivate relationships bound by God’s glory in missions.

What is the ultimate goal of this new ministry?
Once relationships have been built in California, Arizona, and Nevada we hope to move into a situation where the MTW, West Coast office is known as the people to turn to if an individual or church wants to know more about missions. We want to spread a missional-heart throughout the region which results in the training and mentoring dozens and hundreds of new cross-cultural missionaries.