MTW, West Coast – Update #3

So, Mike, tell us what life will be like for you and Erin…

Where are you going to live?
We don’t know the exact answer to this question just yet. Of the 129 PCA churches in California, Arizona, and Nevada, 110 of them are in California. So, we will certainly be living in California, but we don’t yet know what city.

How will you furnish your home?
In 2006 we quit our jobs, got rid of all our furniture, and sold our home. We are moving from Africa with six duffle bags of clothes, and that is it. In our late 40s we are starting all over. We don’t own a home, a bed, a plate, or chair. When we decide where to live, we will have to start from scratch. This is a big stress for us, but there is a way you can help. Please prayerfully consider going to this WISH LIST and buying a few basic home items to help us start our new life. Mail the to the address provided, which is the home of Mike’s brother. When we get settled we’ll furnish our home with your blessings.

What part will Erin play?
Erin will remain active in the ministry. She will contribute lots of time helping to mentor and train new missionaries.

Can you afford to live in California?
We will not be able to afford the lifestyle we had in California back in 2006. We will start off by renting an apartment and we will only be able to purchase one car. It will be a stretch, but we know God will provide all we need.

Will it be weird for you to live in the U.S.?
Probably. The U.S. is very different then the places we have lived in the past 10 years. The change in lifestyle and culture will take some getting used to. We anticipate reverse culture shock. But, frankly, our hearts have changed, and we don’t really want to fit in like we used to. We will be strangers in a strange land. Please be in prayer that the change is not overwhelming and we can learn to serve God in this new context.

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  1. “But, frankly, our hearts have changed, and we don’t really want to fit in like we used to.” Amen. I will pray that you will be able to be an example and an inspiration. To raise up an army of new missionaries means not just finding people to go, but inspiring those who stay to make the lifestyle changes necessary to fund those who go. May the Pettengill family be used by God to help bring revival in our churches.

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