Packing Up In Africa

This is the emotional part of this process we have been dreading. Not the packing up of things, but the closing of a chapter in our life. Packing is so permanent and serves as an emphatic exclamation mark of the transition in our life.

Ten-years ago we packed up our lives and moved to Costa Rica to start language school. A year later we packed everything up again to move to Honduras. Almost eight years later we again packed up our lives and moved to Central Africa. Each time we said goodbye to an old home, eliminated many of our possessions, and moved to a new life.

Now 10-years later we are moving again, this time to go back to where it all started. Each and every move and each and every goodbye has its own emotions and involves its own sadness. This time we are saying goodbye to life on the mission field, and that is a big, hairy, emotional deal. This packing is the hardest. Not only are we saying goodbye to Africa, but we are closing a 10-year chapter in our lives.

Pray for us, as this is really hard.