Out Of Africa

With great sadness and a plethora of emotions we say goodbye to our home in Equatorial Guinea. Life was certainly hard in Africa, but the ministry was sweet. What with water purification, unreliable electricity, bad internet, disease, poverty, heat, and emotions, our time here was very hard. But the ministry was so wonderful. We loved the work and the people.

With heavy hearts we say goodbye to our friends, our little church, and our hot little home. We wipe a few tears and thank God for the opportunity he gave us to serve him in Equatorial Guinea.

We leave Africa, not because we are tired of it or found something better. We leave Africa for the same reason we moved to Africa, because we are obedient. God called us to Africa and we followed. He is now calling us to start the new MTW, West Coast Hub, and we follow him again.

Many friends have insisted, “You must be thrilled to be leaving Africa?!” The honest answer is, no. Are we happy to move to a place where drinkable water comes out of the tap every time we turn the handle? Of course we are. Are we happy to turn on a light switch and not wonder if the lightbulb will illuminate? Yes. But, those are creature comforts. They mean very little.

We are sad to leave our home and we are thrilled to follow the Lord wherever he calls us.