Maddy Back In Arkansas For College

This week Mike and Maddy spent three-days driving from Southern California to Arkansas so Maddy could start her fourth year at John Brown University. Mike and Maddy drove Maddy’s new (to her) truck the 1,500 miles. This was a much more casual pace than previous trips our family has driven cross country.

It was a wonderful, and relaxing trip across CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, and into AR. The trip provided the two of them lots of time for daddy-daughter conversations, laughing, and loving. They split the driving duties and really enjoyed each other’s company.

On Saturday morning Mike borrowed Maddy’s truck to continue onto Georgia where he will be for 10-days. Don’t worry, Mike will return Maddy’s truck to her with an oil change and a full tank of gas.


One thought on “Maddy Back In Arkansas For College”

  1. So glad the trip was filled with blessings. Have a productive time in Ga. Praying for Maddy’s year at school for be a wonderful time that she will have memories to share with others. God bless you all.

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