Mike In Atlanta Training For New Job

this week Mike has been in the hallowed halls of the MTW home office receiving training and planning meetings. Mike’s new ministry, as the Director of the West Coast Hub, puts him on MTW’s Go Team. The Go Team consists of 30-40 staff dedicated to missionary evaluation, mobilization, and communication. The entire group participated in an excellent three-day training.

Monday was all about computer training and getting everyone up-to-speed on the newest web-based software solutions we will all use to recruit and train new missionaries.

Tuesday the entire group participated in team building exercises. We all went to a mystery room and then to Dave and Busters for laughs, bonding, and competition.

Wednesday the entire crew went off-site for a day-long prayer retreat, where we prayed for each other, PCA churches, future missionaries, and the MTW office.

On Thursday and Friday Mike and Owen (the Director for the new Midwest Hub office) sat in on numerous meetings to help formalize the vision and plan for our work in the Hubs.

This was lots of meetings and felt like drinking out of the firehouse. But, it was very informative and helped cast a better vision for the direction of our new ministry.