Hiring Administrative Assistant

Mike is ready to hire the first staff member for our new West Coast Hub. Do you have any friends who would be excellent candidates?

The West Coast Hub is looking to hire a part-time Administrative Assistant (AA). The job is a 20-hour per week, $17/hour, non-benefited position. For the first year (possibly longer), the AA will work from home and communicate frequently with Mike via phone, Zoom, and e-mail. The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of the PCA, MTW, and the programs contained in Microsoft Office. The ideal candidate will posses excellent phone skills, excellent web-based computing skills, and have a strong geographical knowledge of CA, NV, & AZ. The AA will manage Mike’s schedule, office finances, and manage a heavy load of written and phone communication. Please submit resumes to Mike by September 15th.

To download a copy of the job description and Mike’s contact e-mail click HERE. Please forward this post to any friends or church members who might flourish working part-time for a Christian missions organization on the West Coast.