Seeing The Sights In Greece

At the end of the MTW leadership conference in Athens, Greece Mike and most of the other missionaries and staff took some time to take in the sites around Athens. It was a rare experience and which could not be passed up.

The group went to the Acropolis. The ancient citadel holds the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena, and other ruins of structures. Throughout history the Acropolis has been run by the Greeks, Roman, Byzantines, and Ottomans. We could see Mars Hill and the temple where the Apostle Paul addressed the Greeks.

The group also visited Corinth. Like the Paul, we left Athens and traveled to Corinth. Paul spent 18-months in Corinth and preached and taught while there. We saw where Paul went before Gallio the proconsul and the site where Paul attended synagogue.

It was a joyful opportunity to take a guided tour with so many trained biblical scholars. It was a fun time listening to historical and biblical debate from people trained to be knowledgeable about the very place we were standing. The discourse and information exchange was astounding.