Erin In The Hospital For Two-Days

Saturday morning Erin went to the emergency room with a rapid onset of a strange numbness and swelling in her face. The ER couldn’t figure out what it was so they admitted her to the hospital. Following a few tests and consultations the doctors came to the conclusion that Erin was allergic to a prescription medication she had been taking for almost a year.

The attending physician kept Erin in the hospital for two nights to monitor her condition. The swelling, which was focused on her upper lip, increased dramatically (no, we won’t be sharing the most extreme pictures), but by Monday morning all the swelling and numbness had subsided. The doctor changed her medication and released her from the hospital. Erin is feeling fine and has an appointment with a specialist.

It was very scary in the beginning and we appreciate your concern and prayer. Erin is back to sleeping normal and exercising. Praise God.