Ready, Aim, FIRE!

Southern California is in the middle of fire season. The dry west-bound winds, coming off the desert (the Santa Anna winds) have dried out vegetation and dropped humidity (in some locations) bellow 10%. This has resulted in six major fires within an hour and a half of our apartment. Thursday, two new fires erupted that are directly impacting us.

Before noon on Thursday, the Lilac Fire (#LilacFire) started 19 miles south of us. As of early Friday morning it has burned 4,500 acres and is zero-percent contained. It has blocked Erin’s commute route to Camp Pendleton and has doubled her normal 75 minute commute time. This fire is moving west and actually headed toward the hospital where she works. We are keeping a close eye on this. Many homes have been lost, 20 school districts are closed, many prize horses have been killed, and the Governor has declared a state of emergency in San Diego county.

Thursday afternoon, the Liberty Fire (#LibertyFire) started five miles east of our apartment and is now within four miles of us. As of early Friday morning it has burned 375 acres and is ten-percent contained. It is moving west, toward our apartment, but has two major freeways to jump before it gets to us.

Friday morning, Erin is going to work with a full tank of gas, lots of water bottles, a medical kit, and our go-bag in her car. Mike will work from home and monitor what is going on. Please keep the home owners, store owners, and animal owners in your prayers. May God be glorified in all.