Mike At First Arizona Presbytery Meeting

On Friday and Saturday Mike is in Phoenix joining dozens of church leaders at the inaugural meeting of the Arizona Presbytery. The PCA churches in Arizona recently formed their own presbytery when they amicably split away from the PCA churches in New Mexico. Mike was asked to attend this historic meeting to form the Arizona Presbytery.

On Friday Mike was invited to preach the message at the worship service before all  the pastors and church leaders. Mike challenged them, through Scripture, to be brave enough to seek God’s calling to implement his will through their lives.

On Saturday, the second day of the Arizona Presbytery, Mike gave a missions presentation to the group and challenged them to be a church which seeks to spread God’s glory across the street and around the globe.

This was a great privilege for Mike to be able to address the first ever meeting of the Arizona Presbytery.

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  1. Thank you Mike for being willing to go where God sends you. You have been through fires and floods. Thank You Lord for Your protection over Erin and Mike.

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