Hosting Dr. And Mrs. Nakah For A Few Days

Dr. Victor Nakah and his wife Nosizo from Zimbabwe stayed in our apartment for a few days. Dr. Nakah is the new Director of Sub-Saharan Africa for MTW. Mike and Erin hosted the Nakah’s as they were in California to raise support for their new ministry.

On Monday Mike took the Nakahs to New Life Presbyterian Church of La Mesa, CA, where we they hosted a lunch to talk about their work. After lunch we went to Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, where the Nakahs spoke to a group of students and met with the President of the seminary.

On Tuesday we went to Grace Presbyterian Church in Yorba Linda, CA where we hosted a second lunch to share the Nakah’s ministry with several Orange County churches. In the evening we hosted a dinner with the pastor and members of a Christ Presbyterian Church in Temecula.

On Wednesday we attended a lunch at Living Faith Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, CA, where the Nakahs shared their ministry with churches from Los Angeles. In the evening we took the Nakahs out to dinner with our extended family for a social night out.

On Thursday Mike took the Nakah’s to the airport. It was such a pleasure to both support the Nakahs in their effort to raise support for serving Africa and to expose the West Coast to God’s missions work in Africa.