Mike And Erin At Church In Roseville

On Saturday Mike and Erin met with the Missions Committee of Valley Springs Presbyterian Church in Roseville, CA. We shared a meal and then sat down with them for a Missions IQ Test (MIT).

An MIT where we meet with the leadership of a church. We discuss their current missions efforts and determine how the church would like to advance. The MIT is an outside review or audit of a churches missions program. It involves discussing what missionaries and missions efforts the church currently support and determining if that coincides with the church’s vision and goals. In conducting an MIT we provide an unbiased analyses of the missions efforts of a local church.

Mike and Erin are uniquely qualified to help churches in this way. Mike has served on the leadership of a local church and formulated many church budgets. In addition to serving on the mission field for 10-years as a missionary and team leader, Mike has spoken and written on missions in the church. Erin, in addition to her 10-years of fulltime missions work, has served as paid staff on a local church and chaired a missions committee.

Mike and Erin provide MITs for local churches at no cost to give an outside and unbiased look to help a church get to the next level in their missions and global outreach efforts. If your church would like us to help you conduct a Missions IQ Test of your missions efforts, let us know.