Five Days In Georgia

March 12-16 Mike was in the MTW home office in Lawrenceville, GA. Mike attended the Launch, new missionary training. In the past, Mike has participated in this training as a missionary (twice) and also as a instructor (a dozen times). This time Mike attended the Launch training with an eye toward replicating the training for new missionaries on the West Coast.

The amazing staff, who put on this event 2-3 times a year for 15-20 missionaries each time, were wonderful. Mike really paid attention to how the staff teach the MTW curriculum and how the wide-eyed new missionaries received it. The MTW staff who put on this training are amazing. Mike was overwhelmed by looking at this training through the lens of actually hosting the training.

Mike had lots of conversations with both MTW staff and new missionaries. Please be in prayer as Mike and the MTW staff as we all try to figure how our West Coast office can host this training in the future.