Will Your Church Pray For 1%?

What could happen if every PCA church pledged 1% of their members to missions? If every PCA church tithed 1% of their membership to missions MTW would send 2,877 missionaries to the nations. That’s 2,200 more than MTW currently sends. That would be a great problem.

How many global communities could be renewed by the transformative power of the gospel? How many unreached people groups would hear the gospel? How many new churches would be started, and fledgling churches supported?

Are you a church leader and willing to take up this challenge to pray that God would raise up 1% of your church to missions? Submit your pledge and we’ll send you materials to help get you started.

If you’d like your church to be involved go HERE and take 30 seconds to fill out the form. To learn more about the 1% pledge go to THIS website, read THIS article, or watch THIS 2-minute video.