Missiology Through Scripture – Psalm 45:17

“I will cause your name to be remembered in all generations; therefore nations will praise you forever and ever.” – Psalm 45:17

author of this psalm has written a love song to commemorate a royal wedding. This is the only such psalm to have been written. It was likely used during many royal weddings, however there is a heavy reference to the ultimate royal wedding of Jesus Christ and his bride the church. Praises are offered to the groom of this wedding, Christ. The groom is so worthy of praise even the nations outside of Israel will praise him. Not only will the nations praise the groom, they will do so forever. Only our Savior Jesus is worthy of so international praise beyond the kingdom of his elect.

Imagine the great royal weddings of today. They are international events. Citizens of other nations stay up late to watch them on TV, purchase commemorative items, and read about them in the news. These truly special events create such a buzz they capture the attention of the world. The union between Christ and his church goes far beyond such modern pomp. The nations will not only commemorate the holy and special union, but they will do so continuously. James Limburg said, “The psalm had spoken about a king especially blessed, victorious, ruling forever, promoting equity and righteousness, and identified as anointed by God. This king’s name would be celebrated and praised by people from all over the world, forever and ever.”[1] Only King Jesus and his union with his people through his church is worthy of be remembered again and again throughout time and across the globe.

The leaders of the world fade. They come and go. Few nations will remember the names of their own leaders generations after they have perished. Indeed, the world’s rulers will not be remembered by foreign nations after they have gone. We make much of modern world leaders. No leader will be remembered by nations forever, save Jesus.


[1] James Limburg, Psalms, ed. Patrick D. Miller and David L. Bartlett, Westminster Bible Companion (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2000), 152.