Your Opinion On Mike’s Next Book

Mike’s next book is going through it’s final edits and we want your opinion. Mike’s forthcoming book is a primer on missions. It covers everything from short-term missions, to caring for your missionaries, to biblical basis for missions, to your family in missions and more. The book will be a great read for both senders and goers.

There are only a few steps left…and in two of those steps we want your honest opinion. Do you like this picture for the cover art and do you like the working title, The Beautiful Feet of Missions: An Overview of Modern Missions Thought. Give us your honest opinion. Would you buy that book if you saw it on the self?

One thought on “Your Opinion On Mike’s Next Book”

  1. I would see that and wonder then look at the title. It would get my attention. think it’s a very good cover. Thanks for all you both do. God bless you both and keep you in His care.

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