Mike Training And Evaluating Missionaries

This past week Mike and Anthony went to Atlanta to evaluate and train a batch of new missionaries with MTW. Fifteen new missionaries headed all over the world went through Readiness Evaluation.

It was a very long and intense week of exercises, training, and mentoring. Mike served as an evaluator and observed the missionaries as they interacted and completed tasks. Each day was long and emotional.

The group worked with refugees and learned so much about themselves. This is a mandatory event for long-term missionaries with MTW and each missionary mass pass this exercise to move forward. Not every missionary passes this exercise.

In the end Mike was able to advance his batch of missionaries and give them tasks to work on moving forward.

This is one of the MTW trainings which Mike and Anthony will bring out to the West Coast moving forward. Our participation, with an eye toward replicating the event, was part of certification process to allow us to host such training in the future.