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Meet Our Teammate: Bethany Russell

Bethany RussellBethany is about to complete a one-year internship with us here in Honduras. She is a 24-year-old from Maryland and has a BA in Missions from Geneva College. Before coming to us Bethany had completed several mission trips and internships to Mexico and Belgium.

After spending last October in Costa Rica to brush up her Spanish Bethany arrived in Honduras in November of 2010. She will conclude her internship at the end of September and return to the U.S.

Bethany has been our primary ESL teacher in Armenia Bonito. She also was one of our discipleship instructors for our weekly girls discipleship program. While those are very important ministries, one of the most exciting ministries Bethany did was a weekly girls Bible study. She initiated the study on her own and spent some quality time with some of the older girls from Armenia Bonito.

Bethany is a favorite of the kids in Armenia Bonito. She has spent much time cultivating relationships and loving on the children in that community. Bethany’s quiet spirit, easy laugh and attentive ear are perfect tools to work with kids.

Our team and our family have appreciated and deeply love Bethany. She is a wonderful person and a hard worker. She has added so much to our ministry and we will miss her dearly. Bethany is welcome back to our home and our ministry anytime.

Please pray for Bethany as she transitions back to the U.S. and begins the next chapter of her walk with Christ.

Welcome To Honduras Bethany

Bethany RussellOur newest teammate, Bethany Russell, has completed language school in Costa Rica and is now safe and sound in La Ceiba, Honduras. Bethany is originally from Maryland. She is a graduate from Geneva College where she studied Missions, Spanish and ESL.

Heavy Honduran rains and two unexpected roommates (a tarantula and a possum) have greeted Bethany. She has a strong grasp of Spanish and loves kids and counseling. We are confident that the Lord will use Bethany for good things.

Our team is so very fortunate to be able to serve with her. Please be in prayer that Bethany can transition to Honduras well and that she glorify the Lord in her service.

Please Be In Prayer For Our New Teammates

As many of you know there are currently four adults on MTW’s team here in La Ceiba – the Pettengills and the McCanns. But, what you may not be aware of is that we have six more adults joining our team in the near future.

John and Kathy Clow, and their four kids, are experienced MTW missionaries who served almost four years in Mexico. They have attended language school and all their training. They are currently in Georgia raising the final little bit of support they need to be here. They will be joining us as career missionaries.

Shannon Innes is a gal from Cary, North Carolina. She is currently going through her training and has already raised 60% of her financial support. In January she leaves for a month of training in Belgium. After she raises her final bit of support she will attend language school in Costa Rica for a spell. Shannon will be joining us for at least two years. Shannon currently works at her church.

Mike and Ashley Troxell are a couple from Scottsdale, Arizona. They have just started their training and will begin raising support in January. After a stint at language school in Costa Rica the Troxells will be joining us for at least two years. The Troxells spent a week here in La Ceiba with us as short-term missionaries this past summer.

Bethany Russell is a gal from Cresaptown, Maryland. She just started her training and will begin raising support in January. After some tom in Costa Rica she will be joining us for at least two years. She has spent much of her life preparing for the mission field.

All six of these new teammates still must raise financial support and four of them still have MTW’s training and language school to attend. You are welcome to follow them all on their blogs.  Please be in regular prayer for all of our new teammates.