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Mike In Costa Rica

On Monday Mike returned from Costa Rica. Mike was in Costa Rica for five-days leading eight people on an MTW vision trip to learn more about the ministry there. The MTW missionaries serving in Honduras took the group to see their ministries in San Jose, Costa de Pajaros, La Montana, and Nicoya. The missionaries serving fulltime in Costa Rica are working on church planting, discipling, and counseling in those communities.

Mike organized the eight participants ahead of time and helped prepare them and coordinate their travel. While on the ground Mike served as a helper to the fulltime missionaries. The participants in the vision trip where exploring how they or their churches could get further involved in the Costa Rican ministry in the future.

While we visited the different church plants Mike was asked to preach two Spanish language sermons, at two churches. It was a blessing to be used by the Lord while on this trip. Mike will be leading another group on a vision trip to Japan in March.

Vision Trip To Costa Rica

Join Mike for a vision trip to Costa Rica, November 1–6, 2018. Mike will be leading this vision trip to help you and your church learn how you can serve alongside MTW missionaries, Deena Castillo, Rodney and Jana Davila, and John and Dylan Peters.

Why should you go? Are you interested in challenging opportunities? Finding creative ways to address social issues and empower churches to impact their communities? The ministry in Costa Rica is developing in the areas of church planting, leadership training, discipleship, counseling, community development, and youth ministry.

The team is looking for people who are passionate about sharing the message of God’s grace while developing relationships that lead to hope and healing. God is at work in Costa Rica and we would love for you to consider being a part of it!

Interested? Contact Mike or e-mail ( for all the details.

Nine Years Of Being Missionaries

Utah1August 27th is the official nine-year anniversary of our family arriving on the mission field. August 27, 2007 we left Sacramento, CA (our home for 20 years) and moved to San Jose, Costa Rica.

After a year of studying Spanish in Costa Rica we moved to La Ceiba, Honduras and started a new ministry site for MTW. Following 7 1/2 years in Honduras we moved to Equatorial Guinea, to again start a new work for MTW.

WP_20160722_003It has been nine years of fulltime ministry service. We lived in three countries, on two continents. We are thrilled God is allowing us to be part of his great design to reach the lost.

Thank you to all those who have answered God’s call to partner with us through prayer and financial support. Thanks to all our missionary teammates for laboring alongside us. Thanks to our family and friends for tolerating our absence at weddings and birthdays. Thanks to our daughter for growing up in such a different way.

We look forward to laboring alongside all of you here in Central Africa.

Erin Helping In Costa Rica

photo 4On Sunday Erin returned to Honduras after a five day trip to Costa Rica. She was asked by the MTW missions team in Costa Rica to help come plan for the expanding of their medical/mercy ministries. Erin stayed with Rodney and Jana Dávila, the Team Leaders for MTW’s ministry there.

Erin spent parts of five days training missionaries, Costa Rican medical personnel and Costa Rican church planters on the creation of mobile and permanent medical clinics. She assessed their situation and gave them lots of feedback. They did lots of driving and had many meetings.

After Erin arrived on Wednesday she met with pastor Moises and photo 5missionary Rodney to learn about their vision for the church implementing medical/mercy ministries to advance the kingdom in Costa Rica.

On Thursday she met with a medical student, a nurse, Rodney and pastor Moises. They all drove two hours to meet with a Dr. Nancy, a Costa Rican who plans on organizing and administering medical outreach for the church. Dr. Nancy works out of a hospital located in Puntarenas.

On Friday Moises, Rodney and Erin drove three and a half hours and visited their two church plants to assess the feasibility of those churches hosting mobile medical clinics in their communities. They also explored the surrounding neighborhoods.

meetingSaturday Erin met with 25 church members from Moises’ church about the possibility of the church getting involved in this endeavor. The meeting included medical personnel, church leadership and church laypeople. Erin provided the group with detailed input and evaluation on their possible ministry expansion.

Erin has organized over 500 mobile medical clinics and has built a medical clinic from the ground up. We have many successes and failures. Erin lending her knowledge and experiences to another ministry is a great way to show unity in the body of Christ and to advance God’s glory around the globe.

Farewell Tour Comes To A Close

On June 25th we catch a flight from San Jose, Costa Rica to La Ceiba, Honduras. We have been spending much of our time in the past three weeks having meals with and saying goodbye to some of the great people that God has placed in our path.
Friday night we spent some time with Mike and Marty Edwards, a great family (along with their daughter Madison) who are going to be serving as missionaries in southern Honduras.
The Vaughns - Missionaries to MexicoYesterday we had dinner with all the MTW missionaries here at the language school – the Vaughns (missionaries to Mexico), Cam Clausing (missionary to Colombia) and the McCanns (our teammates in Honduras). We had dinner, dessert and communion. It was a wonderful time of fellowship.
That is about it for the farewell tour. Outside of any impromptu visits we are packing and cleaning the rest of the time. We will have dinner with the McCanns Tuesday night and our friend Matt McClain (missionary to Costa Rica) will drive us to the airport early Wednesday.
It has been such a pleasure to get to know such wonderful people here in Costa Rica.