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In The Dirt

Mission To The World (MTW) runs a great Disaster Response Ministry (DRM). MTW’s DRM is who organized Erin’s recent work in Haiti. They continue to do a wonderful, even now, in Haiti. Mike, Erin and our teammate Sean are all trained and certified in the DRM. This is a big part of the work we want to do.

Among other things the DRM puts out a great newsletter talking about the work they are doing to bring God’s mercy to stricken people around the world. The new DRM newsletter, “In The Dirt”, just came out. Both Erin and Mike wrote an article for this edition.

If you would like to read the most recent DRM newsletter click here.

Erin In Haiti For Two Weeks And Counting

tent cityFor two weeks we have been without Erin. On January 28th she left Honduras bound for Haiti. She is working with MTW’s Disaster Response Ministry to help the Haitians after the 7.0 earthquake.

She has been working long days providing the earthquake survivors with medical and spiritual aide. It has line outside the clinicbeen physically and emotionally hard on her, but she loves it. We have been able to talk with her on the phone each day. The connections are poor, but we can exchange updates and wish each other our best.

Mike and Madison continue to go through the daily routines of school, ministry, home, etc. Everything is just a bit harder and slower down a family member.

Erin is expected back in Honduras late next week. We eagerly await her arrival so we can spoil her.

Erin Working In Haiti

Erin has now been in Haiti a week helping the victims of the 7.0 earthquake. She is working with MTW’s Disaster Response Ministry. Madison and Mike are still in Honduras keeping our ministry going. Her return date is uncertain, but she will likely be gone three weeks.

a victim of the earthquakeErin and the rest of the 14-person team began their ministry by creating a medical clinic in a tent. They were serving the 12,000 person Dikini Refugee Camp. After a few days they were asked to work in the Adventist Hospital, serving the same people.

the baby Erin delivered and the exausted momThe first day or so in the hospital was a little hectic. Erin and the team have been struggling with exhaustion, lack of medical supplies, and extreme emotions. The team has delivered several babies, including one by Erin alone. In addition several of their patients have died.

This ministry is very difficult, but it has been a wonderful opportunity for Erin to demonstrate the love of Christ.

You too can be part of Erin’s work in Haiti. PRAYER SUPPORT: Visit Erin’s blog daily to get updates and see pictures. FINANCIAL SUPPORT: To make a contribution towards Erin’s relief efforts in Haiti simply go to this link, scroll down to “Pettengill, Mike & Erin”, click on “donate” and follow the prompts.

Erin Going To Haiti

On Thursday, January 28th Erin will leave Honduras bound for earthquake-ravaged Haiti. As a member of MTW’s Disaster Response Ministry she will bring the love of Christ to the Haitians through word and deed. Her Spanish, her 15 years as a nurse and her comfort level will be tested.

She will be working at the Dikini Camp, which is a 10,000 person refugee camp located six miles from the epicenter of the 7.0 earthquake that struck on January 12th. As many as 200,000 people have died and many more are injured and remain untreated. Erin and the rest of her 14-person team will operate a wound and trauma clinic to address the physical and spiritual needs of the hundreds of thousands who still have not received care.

She will be sleeping on the ground at what used to be the Quisqueya School. She will be gone for at least 10 days and likely more. Depending on available technology we will attempt to post pictures and stories daily.

There is plenty you can do to help:

Pray – Erin’s flights into Haiti are confirmed, but no return travel has yet been found. Much looting and violence has been reported. There have been more then 40 aftershocks. Thousands of bodies still litter the streets.

Financial – To make contribution towards Erin’s relief efforts in Haiti simply go to this link, scroll down to “Pettengill, Mike & Erin”, click on “donate” and follow the prompts.