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Meetings In El Salvador

Our whirlwind tour through El Salvador is complete. On Wednesday we arrived in the capital city of San Salvador. We met with missionaries, national pastors and leaders of national run ministries. The purpose of this visit to El Salvador (like our visit to Guatemala) was to explore how Mission to the World could expand our ministry into areas where we currently have no fulltime missionaries.

imageOne of the highlights of our time in San Salvador was meeting with Danielle, a missionary with Mission To El Salvador. She gave us great insight how her and her husband are partnering with nationals to work in areas of mercy ministry (ie. trafficking, substance abuse and kids). They have a wonderful ministry.

imageAnother exciting meeting was with Pastor Tomás and Gladys who work with a ministry called Seeds Of New Creation. They work in church planting, theological education and many mercy ministries. They are a strong reformed organization that is looking to expand.

On Friday we left El Salvador and drove back to our home in La Ceiba, Honduras.

We would definitely consider our first exploratory trip to Guatemala and El Salvador a smashing success.

Exploratory Trip To Guatemala And El Salvador

map_belize_salvadorOn Monday Erin and Mike drove from La Ceiba, Honduras to Guatemala City, Guatemala. We are on a 5-day exploratory trip through Guatemala and El Salvador. Missions to the World (MTW) does not have fulltime ministries in these two countries. As part of our responsibilities as regional leaders for MTW we are making our first contacts in these two countries. The goal of this trip is to learn more about the culture and meet with other reformed missionaries and national pastors to learn about the existing ministries and possible areas where MTW can help.

On Tuesday we have several meetings scheduled with national reformed church leaders in Guatemala City. We are excited to get to know them and learn from their experience and work.

Lord willing, we will spend Thursday in San Salvador, El Salvador with church leaders and missionaries to learn from them.

Please pray for us this week as we drive through Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador; three of the six most murderous countries in the world. Pray for our safety and for fruitful meetings that honor Christ.