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Bye Elias

EliasBack on July 1st Elias moved into our home. Elias is a three-year-old Honduran boy and was introduced to us when he and his mom moved into Puerta de Esperanza, our home of single teenage moms. Our teammates, the Clows, have legal custody of Elias. When the Clows started their six-month furlough in July they were prohibited by the US government from taking Elias with them. Elias moved into our home for six-months.

Our daughter is 17-years-old, so it had been a while since we had a toddler in our home. Our house was Elias’ fourth home in three years. Despite all the change he is surprisingly healthy and well adjusted. When Elias moved in with us he and Mike (who Elias calls “Chino”) gravitated toward each other and truly bonded.

On December 31st the Clows concluded their six-month furlough and returned home to Honduras. As planned, Elias has moved back in with the Clows. Their family is reunited and we couldn’t be happier for them. But, as can be expected, our family fell in love with Elias over the past six months and we miss him. The Clows only live three blocks away and we see them almost daily. We will continue to see Elias regularly and will get lots of chances to hang out.

Please pray for the Clows as they adjust back to life in Honduras. Pray for Elias as he adjusts back to life with the Clows. And, pray for us as we miss our little buddy.

Elias In Our Family

Way back on July 1st Elias moved into our home and became a central part of our family. Go HERE to read more about why Elias is with us and his background. His six months in our home is quickly coming to an end. He moves back in with the Clows on December 31st.

eandmElias, who turns three in December, and Mike are the best of buddies. While everyone in our home cares for and loves Elias, it is Mike who is wrapped around Elias’ heart. The two of them share the majority of meals and story time and hammock time. Mike (who Elias refers to exclusively as Chino) and Elias are best buddies.

Lately Elias has been full of “thank you,” “please” and “your welcome.” He is using pronouns…kind of. And, is watching mostly Spanish language cartoons. It is a daily battle to get him to finish a meal inside of an hour and he has developed a weird love/hate relationship with bugs.

eIt has been wild to have a two-year-old in our home again. At 44 and 45-years-old we are, well, let’s just face, the wrong age to keep up with a toddler. But, it is not our energy, or week backs Elias wants. He wants to be loved. We have tried to love him, and discipline him and raise him biblically. Elias has had to learn how to transition from the Clow’s energetic home (5 kids) to our boring home (1 teenager), but he has done well.

We look forward to the final six weeks with Elias in our home. When the Clows get back to Honduras on December 31st we will miss Elias, even though he will only be three blocks away. Our home is better with Elias in it.

New Addition To Our Family

IMG_4571Today we welcome two-year-old Elias into our home. For the next six months our family will serve as his primary caregivers. Until January 1st, 2014 this incredible Honduran boy will be in our care and sleep in our home. We couldn’t be more excited to care for this wonderful boy.

Elias was first introduced to us when he and his mom moved into our home for single moms back in March of 2012. When he and his mom moved into Puerta de Esperanza, our teammate Shannon, with the help of many doctors, quickly learned Elias’ mom was not fit to care for him.

IMG_4533In October of 2012 Elias’ mom voluntarily signed over legal custody of Elias to our teammates John and Kathy Clow. However, as is the case with all MTW missionaries, the Clows must now return to the US for furlough. The US government refused to grant Elias a visa to travel to the US with the Clows. On July 2nd the Clows begin their six-month furlough and Elias will be in our home during that time. Erin and Mike will assume temporary care for Elias while the Clows are in the US.

We are thrilled to have the privilege of caring for this wonderful boy, and simultaneously sad for him and the Clows as they are separated for six months. Elias will be loved and cared for like he is our own son.

Pray for Elias and the Clows as they separate. Pray for Elias’ mom and her health. And pray we can honor God with our rusty toddler parenting skills.