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Short-Term Mission Team And Medical Work

On Monday our visiting short-term mission team helped host a free medical clinic in the church Iglesia Fuente de Vida. Pastor Modesto Engonga Ondo is the pastor of this church and is a professor at our seminary.

The mission team from Grace Community Church in Mobile, AL helped us treat 70 patients. Dr. Debbie and Erin both consulted patients. John and James ran the free pharmacy and helped provide reading glasses for 40 people. Ramon, one of Mike’s English students, provided translation for Dr. Debbie from Fang to English.

On Tuesday we hosted a second clinic at the church Iglesia Asamblea Del Espiritu Santo. This church is pastored by Reginaldo Edjang Edu. Reginaldo is one of Mike’s students and the seminary. The clinic treated 70 people.

There were lots of sick people between the two clinics. Lots of super-poor people were treated who could not otherwise have afforded medical care.

The team will help us put on two more clinics this week before they leave on Saturday.

Our First Short-Term Mission Team Is Here

Our first ever short-term mission team has arrived in Equatorial Guinea. The team is from Grace Community Church in Mobile, AL. Grace has been a supporter of your ministry since the beginning and have been amazing friends of ours for over a decade.

They arrived late Saturday night. One of their suitcases didn’t make it to Africa and one of their flights was canceled, but all in all, it was a good 33-hour trip.

The team is here to help us put on four medical clinics in a week. They will also help us organize the seminary library while they are here.

Ebola Outbreak In Central Africa

The Democratic Republic of  Congo, a Central Africa neighbor of ours, recently had four confirmed Ebola deaths. This is the Congo’s eighth Ebola outbreak and first since the big one two years ago. The government is known to be able to contain health risks. Most governments in the region responded with tighter boarder control and a more restrictive health screening for travelers.

No Ebola cases have been recorded outside of the Congo during this most recent outbreak. The World Health Organization (WHO) suspects the eating of contaminated bush meat as the culprit for transmission in this most recent outbreak. There has not been a new case reported in three weeks and the WHO has declared the outbreak contained. Despite the close proximity to infected regions, Equatorial Guinea has never had a confirmed case of Ebola.

Conference For Pastors On Marriage

Dr. Charlemagne Nditemeh taught an intensive class on “Counseling and Family Affairs” for at our seminary. Upon the conclusion of the class Dr. Nditemeh taught a one-day conference for the pastors and their wives on marriage. Dr. Nditemeh holds two doctoral degrees from U.S. seminaries and has written a very useful book on African Christian marriages. This quality of instruction is so rare in Central Africa. It was an amazing blessing to Dr. Nditemeh to teach our seminary students.

Mike and Erin helped to host Dr. Nditemeh. We provided him with hospitality, class logistics, and hosted him for several meals. It was fun to open our home to him and a great benefit for our students and their spouses to have him teach at our seminary.

Medical Clinic At Church Of Student

On Tuesday Erin hosted a free medical clinic at Iglesia del Nazareno. Juan Obiang Esono is a leader at the church and one of Mike’s seminary students. Erin is hosting clinics at all the churches of Mike’s students as an extension of our seminary. When Erin provides clinics at churches pastored by our seminary students it provides a tangible benefit to their ministries and is showing how our seminary strives to impact their communities.

Before the clinic started, Erin and one of her Guinean nurse volunteers, put on several health education classes. Each patient received education on AIDS, high blood pressure, Typhoid, and clean water. Everyone was given free pictorial handouts to take home or share with friends. The health classes provided ways people can positively impact their lives without expensive medicines. The information revolved around each person taking control of their own health by changing diet or lifestyles. Few people have the education to be able to impact their own lives and they resign themselves to a fatalistic mentality about health.

During the clinic, Erin and the three Guinean nurses, treated 25 people. Those who attended received free diagnostic exams, professional consultations, and free medicine. Most of the people who attended this clinic would not otherwise be able to afford medical care. Erin treated lots of high blood pressure and tested several for malaria. Lots of kids and elderly people were seen. Erin removed one toe nail and treated a 16-year-old boy with cataracts. Pastor Juan’s church and the surrounding community received a huge dose of God’s great mercy.