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Furlough Summary

airport_travelOn May 9th we fly to Honduras and bring to a close our 10-month furlough. When a missionary takes furlough it is confusing to many people. Some people have asked if we just lay on the couch for the duration. Others have been disgusted that we don’t lay on the couch at all.

Our mission sending agency, Mission to the World, refers to furlough as Home Mission Assignment. The implication being there is little rest going on during furlough, and lots of sharing our ministry with old and new partners.

Here is what the work part of our furlough looked like:

– We visited 26 states in the U.S.

– We visited five countries.

– We presented our ministry to 28 churches (almost three churches every four Sundays).

– Erin worked 61 shifts at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

– We drove 40,000 miles (1,000 miles a week).

We did lots of work and had lots of fun. We reconnected with friends and family and made new partners. We are now excited to get back to Honduras and serve Christ there.

Leaving Phoenix And Driving Cross Country

imageWe have spent the better part of nine months calling Phoenix home. It was more like home base than home. After Erin transferred her nursing license to Arizona she had a great time working with cancer kids at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Our dear friends provided us with a free home and a free 2nd car while we were in Phoenix. We enjoyed much of what Phoenix had to offer in the way of trails, great weather and entertainment.

On Monday Mike and Erin pointed the car east and said goodbye to Phoenix, AZ. Late Tuesday we arrived in Siloam Springs, AR to spend a couple of days helping our imagedaughter Maddy pack up after completing her freshman year at John Brown University. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas in 1 1/2 days.

By Friday we will take our Righteous Rides ministry vehicle back to St. Louis and on Saturday morning the three of us fly out bound for Honduras.


Preaching At PURC

imageOn Sunday Mike preached twice at Phoenix United Reformed Church (PURC). This was our final visit to a US church before we return to Honduras on May 9th. It was a pleasure to serve and say goodbye to PURC. They have been our home away from home while we have been on furlough in Phoenix. We appreciate them so much.

During the morning service Mike preached from Acts 1:8 on a message titled “Launching A Missions Movement.” Mike talked about how Acts 1:8 was a turning point in the Christian church and how that point in time launched Christ’s disciples in a more aggressive global outreach. You can listen to that sermon HERE.

At the evening service Mike preached from Romans 12:1-2 on a message titled “We Are All Missionaries.” This message talked about how God has called all of us to be active in cross-cultural missions where he has positioned us. You can listen to that sermon HERE.

It was a great joy to share God’s word with a congregation that has served us so greatly over recent years.

Radio Interview About New Apostles

imageThis past Sunday a pre-recorded radio show aired with Mike as the guest. Mike was on Urban Theologian Radio talking about the new apostles and prophets movement. This is a newer false doctrine within certain flavors of Christianity. The show aired on AM 1360 in Phoenix.

You can listen to the 30 minute broadcast by clicking HERE.

The show had both Mike and Holly Pivec as guests talking on the topic. Holly provided a theological and studied view of the topic. Mike provided an experienced and hands on perspective, as the issue is prevalent in Central America.

Going Dark For A Week

DonAdamsPictureFor about a week the Pettengills are going dark. We’re on the lamb. We’ve gone underground. We are off the grid. OK, not really. We are going on vacation for a week. During that time our phones and e-mails won’t be checked and our blogs will not be updated.

The amazing folks at Faith Presbyterian Church in Ballantine, SC purchased a 7-day cruise for the two of us. We appreciate them so much for loving us and caring for our physical and mental needs.

We conclude our cruise on Sunday, April 26th. Check back then for more exciting missions content.