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Pray For Guatemala City

In Guatemala City, just a few short miles from where Erin and Mike are schedule to meet next week with local pastors, there was a horrible mudslide. Very early Friday morning over 125 super-poor shanty homes were buried while families slept. As of the writing of this blog 131 people are confirmed dead and upwards of 600 are still missing with no additional survivors expected to be found.

A massive rain storm came through the region Thursday night/Friday morning. When we awoke Friday we had six inches of standing water in our back yard in La Ceiba, Honduras. That same storm is what brought the mountain side down on the community of Santa Catarina Pinula in the southeast of Guatemala City.

Please pray for the survivors who are morning for their loved ones as they continue to dig for missing friends and family.


Meetings In Guatemala

Our initial whirlwind tour through Guatemala is complete. New contacts were made with ministries in and around Guatemala City.

guatThe highlight of our visit to Guatemala City was a lengthy meeting with the pastor and staff of Casa de Libertad. This is a seven-year-old church that is reformed and one of the few international churches in the Acts 29 church planting network.

The staff was gracious enough to spend the afternoon with us  explaining the history and vision of their church. We met in their beautiful church as well as over lunch. Both sides walked away feeling energized and full of hope for the future. We will continue to dialogue via phone and e-mail in future weeks.

On Wednesday we left Guatemala behind and drove to El Salvador for additional meetings. We drive back to Honduras on Friday.

Exploratory Trip To Guatemala And El Salvador

map_belize_salvadorOn Monday Erin and Mike drove from La Ceiba, Honduras to Guatemala City, Guatemala. We are on a 5-day exploratory trip through Guatemala and El Salvador. Missions to the World (MTW) does not have fulltime ministries in these two countries. As part of our responsibilities as regional leaders for MTW we are making our first contacts in these two countries. The goal of this trip is to learn more about the culture and meet with other reformed missionaries and national pastors to learn about the existing ministries and possible areas where MTW can help.

On Tuesday we have several meetings scheduled with national reformed church leaders in Guatemala City. We are excited to get to know them and learn from their experience and work.

Lord willing, we will spend Thursday in San Salvador, El Salvador with church leaders and missionaries to learn from them.

Please pray for us this week as we drive through Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador; three of the six most murderous countries in the world. Pray for our safety and for fruitful meetings that honor Christ.

Driving Back To Honduras – Trip Log

Driving from Phoenix, Arizona to La Ceiba, Honduras – April 4, 2011 to April 9, 2011

Day 1 – 14 hours – 662 miles
Phoenix, Arizona to Ft. Stockton, Texas
This was our longest day of travel. Mostly through the repetitive deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Day 2 – 11 hours 30 minutes – 397 miles
Ft. Stockton, Texas to Monclova, Mexico
Four hours in Texas followed by a border crossing at Eagle’s Pass/Piedras Negras. Our bags got searched three times including when the police pulled us over. Lost several hours getting lost in two cities.

Day 3 – 11 hours – 503 miles
Monclova, Mexico to Queretaro, Mexico
Started the day badly by realizing Mike’s wallet was lost. Traveled along the high deserts of Mexico. Very fast travels. Stopped for an hour at a great rest stop in San Luis Potosi.

Day 4 – 12 hours 45 minutes – 606 miles
Queretaro, Mexico to Matius Romero, Mexico
Traveled on toll roads almost all day. Bypassed Mexico City with a major toll road. Only time driving into the night through Mexico. Ate yummy fish tacos from a little vendor. Spent the night in a dumpy hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Day 5 – 13 hours – 464 miles
Matius Romero, Mexico to Guatemala City, Guatemala
On the road by 6:30am. Fast roads through Mexico. Only 40-minute border crossing into Guatemala. Slow driving through Guatemala. More yummy tacos from a little restaurant.

Day 6 – 12 hours – 377 miles
Guatemala City, Guatemala to La Ceiba, Honduras
Found our way out of Guatemala City with no problems. Only a 35-minute border crossing into Honduras because the customs people really helped us out. Great baleadas from a little vendor. Last hour of driving after sunset.

TOTALS – 74 hours 15 minutes behind the wheel – 3011 miles – averaged 501 miles per day.

Driving Back To Honduras – Days 4 And 5

This 3500-mile car trip should take about six or seven days. From Arizona we drove through the U.S. and Mexico and have entered Guatemala. Next up is Honduras.

North ArcThursday we drove from Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico to Matías Romero, Mexico. It was 536 miles and 13 hours. This was a great day of driving. We feared driving anywhere close to Mexico City. Something about driving through the 5th largest metropolitan area in the world was intimidating. About 50 miles before downtown Mexico City we found the North Arc. For a fee you could enter toll road and drive on fresh, new roads that curved all the way around Mexico City and allowed chicken drivers an easy bypassing the area altogether.

Thursday night we stayed in our dumpiest hotel of the trip. It was very sleep-able, but nothing you’d want to take your mom to.

wind turbinesOn Friday we drove from Matías Romero to Guatemala City, Guatemala. It was 492 miles and took 13 hours. In order to try and make Guatemala City by sunset we got on the road at 6:30am. At sunrise we were treated to a massive wind turbine farm along the Pacific coast. Clear, fast roads got us to the Mexico/Guatemala border just after noon. With little fanfare we cleared the border in 40 minutes. We took CA 2 (a different route than last time) and got into our hotel in Guatemala City just after 7:30pm.

Mike’s wallet has still not shown up, but there are still no charges on his credit cards. We think it must be in our bags someplace.

Lord willing we will be in our own beds in La Ceiba, Honduras Saturday night.

You will be updated on this site with stories and pictures of our journey as internet is available. Check back here often or to receive more frequent prayer requests and details about our trip you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.