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Mike At Aliso Creek Talking Missions

IMG_5215This past weekend Mike spent time sharing our ministry with Aliso Creek Presbyterian Church of Aliso Viejo in Southern California. Mike was joined by our two-time intern Lyssa Melonakos of San Diego, CA.

Saturday evening Mike and Lyssa were hosted for a dinner at a beautiful home overlooking the Pacific. Ten missions committee members and church leaders attended and shared intimate conversations about God’s work in Honduras. The group participated in several spirited discussions on theology and missions.

Sunday morning Mike was given the opportunity to preach the morning message and share about our mission work during the morning service.

IMG_5214After the service Mike and Lyssa presented our Honduran missions work in greater detail with a group of 50 during the adult education hour. For 45 minutes Mike and Lyssa shared stories of Hondurans impacted by our work and fielded questions from the group.

Mike was treated to lunch by a small group after church and talked again about missions in general and our work in Honduras specifically. The congregation at Aliso Creek was very welcoming and genuinely interested in hearing about God’s glory in Honduras.

The Team God Put Together

For nearly five years our ministry in La Ceiba, Honduras has been serving the people and glorifying the Lord. This is a team that the Lord has handpicked and put together for his glory. Here is a quick introduction of God’s servants…if you don’t know them already…from right to left along the bottom:

DSC_1128Kate DeFuniak runs our StreetChild ministry. Lyssa Melonakos is an intern who works in the community of La Fe. Erin Pettengill is our resident nurse and runs a medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. Mike Pettengill is our Team Leader. James Bryars is an intern working in Armenia Bonito. Jennifer Derrick is an intern working in Puerta de Esperanza. Mike Troxell and Ashley Troxell are church planters working in the community of La Fe. Lesther Ordoñez recently joined Team Honduras when he married Shannon Innes de Ordoñez who runs Puerta de Esperanza. Mandy Marcone is an intern who works with the StreetKids. Kathy Clow runs our scholarship program and coordinates our short-term teams and John Clow manages all of our construction needs. And, of course, all the kids across the top.

Our team loves and fights and appreciates and supports each other like a biological family. God has been good to all of us by brining together our team.

Meet Our Teammate: Lyssa Melonakos

Our newest teammate arrived on Saturday. Lyssa Melonakos will serve with us as a 9-month intern. She is an 18-year-old from Escondido, California. She just spent a month in Costa Rica attending Spanish language school.

In her church back in the US she was actively involved with the worship team, where she sang, played guitar, bass, piano and drums. She has previously participated in a half-dozen mission trips in Mexico. Lyssa has a heart for mercy ministry and enjoys working in small groups.

Please be in prayer for Lyssa as she adjusts to Honduras and learns what God has planned for her here.