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Maddy And Josh Got Married

On Saturday our 22-year-old daughter got married. Our missionary kid from Honduras married a missionary kid from China. The two of them met several years ago at John Brown University. They were best friends before they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They were in the same group of great fiends, and all those friends from college served as their bridal party.

The wedding was held at an orchard in Apple Hill, in Placerville, in Northern California. The ceremony started at 10am in a beautiful outdoor setting in the woods, next to a pond, surrounded by geese. Maddy’s betrothed, Josh, had his whole extended family of uncles, cousins, and grandparents fly in from Oklahoma, and other parts East. Maddy had cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and family friends come in from all over the west coast.

Mike and Josh’s dad (Chris) performed the ceremony. It was a blend of many cultures. Mike preached in English, Maddy prayed in Spanish, Josh prayed in Mandarin, and they performed a traditional Chinese sand ceremony to represent the unification of the two families. The wedding was a beautiful mixing of Josh and Maddy’s hippie spirit and love for cultures. The wedding party was barefoot and free-spirited.

The food was wonderfully prepared by Mike’s sister and brother-in-law, the photographs were taking by Mike’s best friend, and the music was performed by Erin’s best friends. The cake was custom made, Erin handmade the paper flowers, and the decorations were a very outdoorsy collection of moss, rocks, branches and bark to add to the hippie spirit of the wedding party.

The service was centered around Christ with preaching, praying, and worship music. God was glorified through this ceremony. It was a wonderful event. Lots of friends and family made it very special and Erin and Mike couldn’t be more proud of the newlyweds. In mid-August, the two of them will return to Arkansas to allow Maddy to finish her final semester, and then the two of them will head off to a still-to-be-determined grad school. Please pray for Maddy and Josh Place as they start their new lives together.



Maddy Back In Arkansas For College

This week Mike and Maddy spent three-days driving from Southern California to Arkansas so Maddy could start her fourth year at John Brown University. Mike and Maddy drove Maddy’s new (to her) truck the 1,500 miles. This was a much more casual pace than previous trips our family has driven cross country.

It was a wonderful, and relaxing trip across CA, AZ, NM, TX, OK, and into AR. The trip provided the two of them lots of time for daddy-daughter conversations, laughing, and loving. They split the driving duties and really enjoyed each other’s company.

On Saturday morning Mike borrowed Maddy’s truck to continue onto Georgia where he will be for 10-days. Don’t worry, Mike will return Maddy’s truck to her with an oil change and a full tank of gas.


Mike Spends Time With Our Daughter

Following attending The Gospel Coalition national conference in Indianapolis, Mike went down to Arkansas to visit with our daughter at John Brown University.

Mike did a few chores for Maddy. They spent time doing homework together and they attended Redeemer Presbyterian Church, where Maddy attends. They hung out with Maddy’s friends and shared a few meals together.

This was the first time Mike and Maddy had seen each other in eight months. It was great to be reunited if even for a few days.

On Wednesday Mike begins the long trip back to Central Africa.

Erin Got Time With Our Daughter

Erin got to spend parts of three days with our daughter Maddy. The two of them went grocery shopping, got their hair done, and did some laundry. Erin was able to attend a chapel service at Maddy’s university and spend time with some of Maddy’s friends.

Erin is in the U.S. to attend to some medical issues, and the scheduling worked out perfectly for her to get time with our daughter. This was the first time since August Maddy got to spend time with either parent.

The hardest thing about our ministry in Central Africa is the limited interaction with our daughter. The seven hour time difference and our poor internet means we don’t get to communicate with her as often as we’d like. Praise God for this small gift of time with our baby.

Our First Christmas In Africa

This was an odd Christmas for us, for many reasons. It wasn’t bad, just different. It was our first Christmas in Africa. It was our first Christmas without our daughter, Maddy. It was our first Christmas without a tree in 12 years.

Most of the evangelical churches and individual Christians in EG don’t celebrate Christmas. Depending on who you ask, the reasons are: Christmas is too pagan, too Catholic, it is not in the Bible, it is not Jesus’ real birthday, etc. The secular culture in EG celebrates with lights, trees and presents. Because of drunk drivers the government has made it illegal to drive on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

So, what did we do? We had a Christmas Eve dinner with a few of our non-EG friends. We finished reading from Mike’s advent devotional. We talked to our daughter a little via the internet, and we stayed home, on our hot little patio and read Scripture and watched movies.

Erin’s cooking, decorations, and Christmas music (playing since October) have made it a little more festive for us. On Christmas day it was 93 degrees, and 63% humidity, for a feels like temperature of 104.

So, it was odd, a little sad, but we had each other and we had the Risen King. And, we were happy our daughter spent the Christmas break with Mike’s family in California.