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Medical Clinic At Church Of Student

On Tuesday Erin hosted a free medical clinic at Iglesia del Nazareno. Juan Obiang Esono is a leader at the church and one of Mike’s seminary students. Erin is hosting clinics at all the churches of Mike’s students as an extension of our seminary. When Erin provides clinics at churches pastored by our seminary students it provides a tangible benefit to their ministries and is showing how our seminary strives to impact their communities.

Before the clinic started, Erin and one of her Guinean nurse volunteers, put on several health education classes. Each patient received education on AIDS, high blood pressure, Typhoid, and clean water. Everyone was given free pictorial handouts to take home or share with friends. The health classes provided ways people can positively impact their lives without expensive medicines. The information revolved around each person taking control of their own health by changing diet or lifestyles. Few people have the education to be able to impact their own lives and they resign themselves to a fatalistic mentality about health.

During the clinic, Erin and the three Guinean nurses, treated 25 people. Those who attended received free diagnostic exams, professional consultations, and free medicine. Most of the people who attended this clinic would not otherwise be able to afford medical care. Erin treated lots of high blood pressure and tested several for malaria. Lots of kids and elderly people were seen. Erin removed one toe nail and treated a 16-year-old boy with cataracts. Pastor Juan’s church and the surrounding community received a huge dose of God’s great mercy.

Clinic At The House Of Prayer

Erin recently hosted a medical clinic at Iglesia Casa de Oracion (the House of Prayer Church). Jose Juan Mitogo is one of Mike’s students at our seminary and he is a leader at the church. This clinic was designed to advance Jose’s ministry and show God’s mercy to the community surrounding the church.

Erin and two Guinean nurses treated over 40 patients. It was a very rainy day and cars could not get into the community because of extremely muddy roads. Everyone had to trudge through the mud to get to the clinic.

Erin provided health education on AIDS, malaria, typhoid, and clean drinking water. Erin tested and provided medicine for lots of cases of malaria. It was a busy day and God was greatly glorified.

Mercy, Education, And Medicine At Church

Last week Erin hosted a free medical clinic at the Church of the Nations in Christ. The church is pastored by Hipolito Etó Mbá, who is one of Mike’s students at our seminary. Erin is hosting clinics at the churches of our seminary students to help benefit their ministries.

Erin, and her Guinean nurse Margarita, treated 40 patients. They also provided anti-parasite medication and Vitamin A (vision) for 20 children. Margarita worked at patient intake to check the vitals of each patient and write down their primary complaint.  Erin treated two cases of Filariasis: a mosquitoes transmitted tropical disease. It manifests as elephantiasis, a thickening and malformation of the skin and tissue. Erin also treated five cases of malaria and one person with a blood pressure of 258/158 (120/80 is normal).

Before the clinic Erin provide patient health education, complete with handouts on AIDS, high blood pressure, water purification, and Typhoid.

There was amazing need in this church and surrounding community. Praise God for his mercy.

Erin Hosts Medical Clinic At Our African Church

This week Erin hosted a medical clinic at the Baptist church we attend in Central Africa. It was a great blessing for the people we worship with every week. Before the clinic started Erin put on another round of health education classes. She continued to instruct Guinean nurses on how to teach the classes. They provided health education on potable water, typhoid, and high blood pressure.

Erin and the Guinean nurses treated over 20 patients, including several with high blood pressure, new baby check-ups, and lots of aches and pains. The Guinean nurses are really starting to step up and learn new procedures and take charge.

In addition, our Fang instructor, Jeronimo, volunteered to translate into Fang. He normally does Bible translation, so this was a wonderful opportunity to work on his medical translation so he could be used to translate for future medical clinics.

It is always a joy for Erin to serve people at her mobile medical clinics, but it was extra special to be able to serve those with whom we regularly worship.

Medical Clinic By Erin At Church

Erin hosted a medical clinic in a super-poor community at the church Basilio Oyono. Pastor Basilio is a teacher and graduate of our seminary. This clinic provided the mercy of Christ and helped the ministry of one of the men serving at our seminary.

At the clinic Erin treated 35 patients. Most of the people she consulted were older, Fang women who spoke very little Spanish. The church provided a Spanish to Fang translator. Thee of Erin’s Guinean nurse friends showed up to volunteer their time and make the clinic run more smoothly.

Erin provided vitamin A and anti-parasite medication for 20 kids. These are very important treatments for young children as they help in with proper physical development.

Before the clinic Erin taught four educational classes to the waiting patients. Erin handed out homemade educational materials and taught on AIDS, Malaria, water purification, and Typhoid. Erin received lots of questions and helped to correct many health myths.

The educational materials Erin distributed were created by her. The papers are pictorial to help provide information for illiterate or non-Spanish patients.

Please pray that all those served see Christ as the author of physical mercies and not Erin.