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Driving Back To Honduras – Day 4

This 3500-mile car trip should take about six or seven days. From Arizona we drove through the U.S. and are now in Mexico. Next up is Guatemala and ultimately back to La Ceiba, Honduras.

Wednesday we drove 11 hours and covered 507 miles. We drove from Monclova, Mexico to Querétaro, Mexico.

When we were about to pull away from the hotel in the morning Mike realized his wallet was missing. We spent an hour turning the car and the hotel room upside down. We never found the wallet and drove away. Mike is missing a debit card, credit card, CA license and Honduran ID card. Nobody has charged anything on the cards, so we assume we have misplaced it in the car and it will turn up, but we truly don’t know. We’d love your prayers.

GPS and mapThis being our second drive through Mexico we have learned a little about navigation. We trust our GPS a little. We trust our map a little. We trust the road signs a little. None of the methods are perfect, but together they seem to work.

sleepingBecause of our excessive number of bags in the bed of the truck our 100 lbs. rottweiler is in the back seat with Madison the entire trip. Neither seems to complain too much. In fact they take turns sleeping on each other.

You will be updated on this site with stories and pictures of our journey as internet is available. Check back here often or to receive more frequent prayer requests and details about our trip you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Driving Back To Honduras – Day 3

This 3500-mile car trip should take about six or seven days. From Arizona we are driving through Mexico and Guatemala and ultimately back to La Ceiba, Honduras.

Tuesday we drove 12 hours, crossed into Mexico and covered 400 miles. We spent the night in Monclova, Mexico.

Our day started with four uneventful hours through Texas. However, our border crossing into Mexico was a little too eventful. After searching our car the border guard sent us across town to the customs office. Following a 30-minute search we found the office, but this customs agent only dealt with passports. He processed our passports and sent us 50 miles away to another customs office to address our car. On the way there we got stopped, searched and interrogated by the police who felt that it was a little odd to see 10 plastic wrapped duffle bags in a Honduran truck driven by a white guy…who could blame them. After the police let us go it took as an hour to finally find the second customs office. We registered our car and had it searched for the third time. Almost four hours later the border was behind us.

toll roadDriving on Mexican roads can be a little slow going at times, but the toll roads are a great blessing. For a couple of dollars you can drive on a straight, flat road with few potholes or speed bumps with a faster speed limit. They are well worth the money and we take them whenever we find one.

behind the wheelOn Tuesday Mike did all the driving and Erin was the master navigator. That was a good place for Mike to be as he seemed to get abnormally stressed by the lengthy border problems.

You will be updated on this site with stories and pictures of our journey as internet is available. Check back here often or to receive more frequent prayer requests and details about our trip you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Please Pray for Mark Thompson

Mark ThompsonMark is the Leader for Team Honduras, and a dear friend of ours. Mark has spent this last week at home very ill. Mark’s doctor believes he has Dengue. While Mark’s test results are not back from the CDC his doctor is “99%” sure it is Dengue.
Dengue is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. It’s symptoms are high fever, severe headache, backache, joint pains, nausea and vomiting, eye pain, and rash. There is no treatment for Dengue. While Dengue is seldom fatal (less then 1%) the biggest concern is that once you have had Dengue you are now at a higher risk of contracting Dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is far more serious and potentially lethal.
One tends to catch Dengue in Central and South America, Africa and South Asia. Mark has spent the past seven years traveling extensively in those regions with MTW, and his future work will require him to spend more time in those areas. With an incubation period of 3 to 14 days it is likely that Mark contracted Dengue when he was in Mexico with Mike and Sean attending a Missions Conference.
As Mark is recovering we ask that you pray for his current and future health, his family, and the doctors that treat him. Mark embraces God’s sovereignty and is excited to continue serving Him.

Monterrey, Mexico – Day 4 of 4

As I (Mike) sit in Mexico City, awaiting my flight back home to Costa Rica I am considering what this trip to Monterrey, Mexico accomplished.
Here are some reflections on my trip:
Mike Pettengill, Sean McCann and Mark ThompsonTime with Team Honduras – At this conference I spent some quality time with Mark Thompson (Team Leader) and Sean McCann (Teammate). These are two great men.  All of us have spent quality time together in the past, but, the three of us have never been in the same room at the same time. This was a wonderful opportunity to strategize, talk, laugh and pray. I trust both these men with my life and my family. It was great to spend time together.
Time with experienced missionaries – In attendance there were 20 other missionaries from Latin America. Almost all these men are team leaders, and some of them have 30+ years of experience, mistakes and knowledge as missionaries. Talking with them and listening to them was invaluable. Several of them took a personal interest in our efforts in Honduras. Some committed to come to Honduras and help us for short periods. Making contacts with this wealth of knowledge was invaluable.
Training – We sat through some great lectures by some experienced missionaries and some nationals. One of the highlights for me was when the group took several hours for each country leader to stand up and talk about some of their projects, resources and ministries. What an idea fest. Considering, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, you can be assured we will flatter the heck out of some of these successful missionaries.
This Leadership Conference was a great idea. It educated, built a sense of community and provided resources. I am pleased that MTW organized it and honored to have participated.
If you want to learn more about why was in Monterrey, Mexico go here.

Monterrey, Mexico – Day 3 of 4

Missions training in Monterrey, MexicoThings are going well here in Monterrey, Mexico for me (Mike).
The lectures are so very beneficial.  We are also spending some great time with Latin American missionaries that have decades of experience.  What an absolute wealth of information these men Mark Thompson and Sean McCannare.
Mark (Honduras Team Leader) and Sean (Honduras Teammate) and I have had some great chances to sit down and really listen to each other.  What an opportunity.
If you want to learn more about why I am here in Mexico go here.
Please pray for Erin and Maddy as they stay behind in Costa Rica.
I will keep you update as internet access allows.