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Great First Short-Term Mission Team

On Wednesday our short-term medical team from Grace Community Church in Mobile, AL hosted their third medical clinic. The clinic was held at the church Iglesia Fuente de Vida. This church is pastored by Santiago Hgomo Edu, who is a professor in our seminary’s lower level program and a student in our master’s program.

Dr. Debbie and Erin treated 70 patients on the day. Lots of kids received treatment.

On Thursday the team helped us host the fourth and final medical clinic. This clinic was at the church Iglesia Reino de Dios. Victor Ando Edu is one of Mike’s students and is the pastor of this brand new church. Victor’s church is very rural, very poor, and very small. Pastor Victor is fighting the good fight in a hard community. Across the street from Victor’s church is a witch and a healer who tell the neighbors not to attend Victor’s church or they will die. While hosting the clinic we provided medical care to the witch and also encountered a demon possessed person, which resulted in an exorcism at the clinic.

In addition to the medical work, John and James helped Mike organize the seminary library. They put in lots of hours cleaning, organizing, and shelving thousands of theology books.

In four days of clinics over 250 people received free medical care and God’s free mercy. What a blessing it was to have the team from Grace here with us.

Short-Term Mission Team And Medical Work

On Monday our visiting short-term mission team helped host a free medical clinic in the church Iglesia Fuente de Vida. Pastor Modesto Engonga Ondo is the pastor of this church and is a professor at our seminary.

The mission team from Grace Community Church in Mobile, AL helped us treat 70 patients. Dr. Debbie and Erin both consulted patients. John and James ran the free pharmacy and helped provide reading glasses for 40 people. Ramon, one of Mike’s English students, provided translation for Dr. Debbie from Fang to English.

On Tuesday we hosted a second clinic at the church Iglesia Asamblea Del Espiritu Santo. This church is pastored by Reginaldo Edjang Edu. Reginaldo is one of Mike’s students and the seminary. The clinic treated 70 people.

There were lots of sick people between the two clinics. Lots of super-poor people were treated who could not otherwise have afforded medical care.

The team will help us put on two more clinics this week before they leave on Saturday.

Our First Short-Term Mission Team Is Here

Our first ever short-term mission team has arrived in Equatorial Guinea. The team is from Grace Community Church in Mobile, AL. Grace has been a supporter of your ministry since the beginning and have been amazing friends of ours for over a decade.

They arrived late Saturday night. One of their suitcases didn’t make it to Africa and one of their flights was canceled, but all in all, it was a good 33-hour trip.

The team is here to help us put on four medical clinics in a week. They will also help us organize the seminary library while they are here.

Want To Take A Short-Term Mission Trip To Africa In 2017?

It is official. We are hosting our first short-term mission teams in Africa. Before we open the trips up to the masses we wanted to extend an exclusive invitation to our prayer partners and supporters. If your church is interested in reserving one of the three slots for summer of 2017 send Mike a private message.

The three trip dates will be:

June 10-20, 2017
August 5-15, 2017
August 19-29, 2017

WP_20160512_005Each team will be limited to 10 people. The bottom age is incoming high school freshman. The trips will go through MTW.

We are looking for three very specific types of workers – 1) skilled/unskilled construction, 2) trained medical and 3) Spanish speaking theology instructors. A team may consist of one type of worker or mix of the three.

Airline tickets can cost $1500 – $2300 and it can take 20-30 hours of travel. To check your flight options you will want to fly into Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (on the island of Bioko). We will book your final flight from Malabo to Bata (30 minute flight) 10 days before you arrive. This next part is important…the last flight of the day from Malabo to Bata is at 9pm. If you arrive into Malabo after 7:30pm you will need to spend the night in Malabo and pay additional costs for taxis and hotels.

WP_20160512_006We are still working on your budget while in country, but we will keep that low. You can expect about $800-$900 for 10-days of food, lodging and ministry expenses.

Living is primitive. You can expect to purify your own drinking water, take bucket showers, experience power outages and sleep under a mosquito net. The three pictures in this blog are of your living accommodations. You will sleep 100 feet from our home and have Erin (an R.N.) and Mike as resources 24 hours a day.

WP_20160512_009Malaria medication and proof of Yellow Fever vacanations are mandatory. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Typhoid vacanations are highly recommended.

MTW does not mandate we take short-term teams. We host short-term mission teams because we believe it advances our ministry and glorifies God. Let us know if you have any questions.

Video Promoting Short-Term Missions

Take a look at this high quality video promoting MTW short-term missions. The video was shot here in La Ceiba and the people being interviewed are fulltime Honduras missionaries and people serving with us this past summer on a short-term mission trip. The video is only 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Share it with your friends and show it at your church. If you are interested in taking a short-term mission trip in the summer of 2016, in Honduras or anywhere in the world, contact the great staff at MTW.