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God’s Plan?

Many of you have been following Erin’s recent journey in her desire to participate in a short-term medical mission trip. She was scheduled to depart for Myanmar on January 14th. But, the Myanmar government wouldn’t approve the travel visas, and the group never departed. We had many discussions with friends about God’s sovereignty and His plan. Why would God not want a group of medical missionaries to share their abilities and Christ’s love with a country that is 89% Buddhist?
By no means do we claim that we know the answer to that question. But, here are some interesting things that have been revealed since the trip to Myanmar was canceled:
January 12th – The UN Security Council vetoed a US draft resolution urging Myanmar’s rulers to free all political detainees and end military sexual violence.
January 19th – Erin was approved to participate in a two week medical mission trip to North Africa.
January 21st – The UK’s Telegraph uncovers a memo from the Myanmar government titled “Program to destroy the Christian religion in Burma (Myanmar)” calling for the imprisonment of any Christian caught evangelizing.
January 22nd – India announces that they will provide weapons to Myanmar in violation of the U.S. lead arms embargo on Myanmar.
January 23rd – In his State of the Union speech, President Bush called for concerted action to help restore democracy in Myanmar.
Many of us prayed that God would open the doors to Myanmar and allow the medical trip to take place. Praise God that sometimes He answers our prayers with a resounding NO.

Erin is Not Going to Myanmar

Erin was scheduled to fly to Myanmar this Sunday to participate in a two week medical mission trip. That trip has been canceled because the government of Myanmar has not provided the necessary travel visas for the group.
Please join us in praising God that He has made His will so very clear. God is not halted by anything. If He wanted this group in Myanmar the visas would be approved. We praise God that He has answered our prayers.  The answer was NO, and we are excited about God making His will so clear to us. His sovereignty is perfect and we are excited that He is in control.
Please pray that all those involved in this trip find God’s glory in this clear answer.

Myanmar Trip Still Up In the Air

Erin is scheduled to leave on January 14th for a two week medical missions trip to Myanmar. The Myanmar government has still not approved the travel visas for Erin and her group. Everyone has their airline tickets and their bags are packed, but if they do not receive the travel visas by this Thursday (1/11) the trip is canceled.
The team submitted the visa requests nearly six weeks ago. The Myanmar government is being very tight lipped as to why it is taking so long and if they plan to approve them in time for the group to leave. Myanmar is 89% Buddhist and the Myanmar government is notoriously hostile to both Christians and Americans.

We ask that you pray for the following: 1) that the travel visas are approved by this Thursday, 2) that Erin and her group are safe and effective while in Myanmar, and, 3) that if the visas are not received and the trip is canceled that all people involved view this as a clear sign from our sovereign God that they were never meant to be in Myanmar. Please pray that God receives the glory no matter what the result. We will keep you informed.

To Myanmar or not to Myanmar? That is the question.

Erin is currently scheduled to go on a medical missions trip to Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) from January 14th to January 30th. Erin will be traveling with twelve other nurses and doctors. The group is scheduled to go into the remote countryside and run a medical clinic for poor, rural individuals who have little or no access to health services. The group has their bags packed and airline tickets are purchased.
Sounds like a great trip, right? Here is the problem. The Myanmar government has not yet approved the travel visas for the group. No reason has been given for the delay and no timetable has been provided for approval of the travel visas. However, we have a hunch. Myanmar is 89% Buddhist. The Myanmar government is hostile to both Christians and Americans.

We ask that you pray that the visas be approved with enough time to board the planes on January 14th. We ask that you pray for the safety of the group as it travels in less then hospitable surroundings. And, we ask that you pray that Erin and her teammates are provided with opportunities to share Christ’s love through word and deed. We will keep you informed.