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End Of Our Conference And Beginning Of A Visit

last day of our three day theological conferenceOn Saturday we concluded our three-day theological conference for pastors and church leaders. The theme of the conference was “Jesus In The Old Testament”. We were very blessed to have Joe Fitzpatrick fly into La Ceiba to serve as our Guest Teacher. We had 29 local church leaders attend our conference. It was a great blessing for these people to receive this type of theological training. This is the second such conference we have hosted in Honduras. We already have our next conference planned on the theme of “Marriage” at the end of May, 2010.

On Saturday we have three leaders visiting us from Manor Presbyterian Church in Cochranville, Pennsylvania. This church is here for three days to learn about our ministry and us. They are visiting several sites throughout Latin America to learn about different ministries. Their church greatly wants to partner with a new group of missionaries. Pray that they are able to clearly discern God’s plan for them and their future endeavors.

Conference On Jesus In The Old Testament

Mike getting things startedOn Thursday we hosted the first day of a three-day theological conference. The theme of this conference is “Jesus In The Old Testament”. The conference is designed to provide inexpensive and quality theological education to the pastors and church leaders in La Ceiba. Many of the pastors in Honduras have less than a sixth grade education. They do their best with no formal theological training. This type of conference is a rare and coveted opportunity.

Joe leading the conferenceOur presenter for this three-day event is Joe Fitzpatrick. Joe, his wife Bev and their three kids serve as MTW missionaries in Puerto Rico. Joe, who has a Ph.D from Westminster Seminary, is an experienced teacher of Old Testament in numerous countries. Thanks to Joe, the participants of this conference are receiving quality training, in their hometown, in their own language. What a blessing.

Promoting Our Conference On Jesus In The Old Testament

On Wednesday Mike took four boys from Armenia Bonito into La Ceiba to promote our upcoming conference for local Pastors and church leaders. This conference will be held December 3-5 and will be on “Jesus In The Old Testament”. It is open to all church leaders in La Ceiba and will cost each person only $3.00 to attend.

This is the second such conference we are hosting in an effort to bring theological education to the churches of La Ceiba. This type of training is very rare in Honduras. Many Pastors in La Ceiba have less than a sixth grade education, making preaching an even harder job.

the boys with our flyers in front of the last church of the daySince there are no phone trees or e-mail distribution lists we must hand deliver invitations to every church in La Ceiba. Mike, and our teammate Sean, have divided the churches geographically and use the kids from Armenia Bonito to help in the process. As you can see by the picture the boys put on their best clothes when leaving Armenia Bonito. Going “downtown” is a big event. Mike’s helpers were Wilson, Adon, Isac and Jose Louis.

Promoting Our Pastors Conference And English Class

On Monday Mike took four of the boys from Armenia Bonito out into other communities to help promote a Pastors conference we are hosting in December. The Conference will be on “Jesus in the Old Testament.” Mike and all the boys visited several dozen churches to hand out fliers to promote the event. They drove around for several hours and talked with local pastors and church leaders. This continues an exciting upturn of some of our regular kids taking more of an active leadership role.

Monday evening Erin taught our weekly English class all by herself. She taught the class on action verbs. There were 16 students in the class. These students are becoming very consistent. We are starting to get some real beginners in our English classes. We even have some attend who can not read or write Spanish, and are learning just from pictures and by memory. That is an exciting new trend.