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The High School Is About To Open

photo 1On February 10th our high school will open. Seriously, what business do we have opening this high school? A bunch of gringos, with no money, no experience, opening a school in a third-world country. Only because of God will this actually take place.

The Centro Educativo Presbiteriano de La Ceiba (the Presbyterian Education Center of La Ceiba) is fully constructed, fully staffed, fully legal and ready to go. There are a few minor things that still have to be sorted out…like…we have no computers for our computer lab, most of our text books have still not arrived and we don’t yet know exactly how many students will attend. But, we are thrilled that God has given us the pleasure of working out these problems. The school will open in the first year teaching only 7th grade (1st year of Honduran high school). We will add 8th grade in 2015, 9th grade in 2016 and so on.

photo 2Our staff (from top to bottom in the picture) consists of Maribel (Director & Teacher), Dania (Secretary & Teacher), Julile (Assistant Director & Teacher), Pastor Jesús (Bible Teacher), and Kathy Clow (English Teacher). We are so excited to have this staff. Every staff member is a Christian and they all truly have hearts to glorify the Lord.

Please be in prayer that the 8,492 remaining details that still need to be sorted out, are taken care of. Pray for our staff, the kids and that God is glorified by the opening of this school.

Logo For The New High School

photo 2Our daughter Maddy is very talented in the area of art. She can do most anything with a pen, paint brush or computer mouse. We have turned Maddy lose to work with the staff of our new Christian high school in Armenia Bonito. She has designed the school logo, the mascot and is making room signs to indicate the classroom numbers, office, bathrooms, etc. Maddy would like us to point out that the logo pictured here is a very rough draft.

photo 1When she is done with the logo she will paint it as a six foot mural on the front of the school. The same design will be used for patches on the school uniforms, on the front of the PE t-shirts and on all the letterhead and business cards.

It is a blessing to be able to utilize her skills. The staff of the school has said it is a great joy to work with Maddy. They are amazed at her many original ideas and her ability to incorporate their suggestions. We love that Maddy is being able to use the gifts God has given her to bring him glory.

Christian Education At Our New High School

All indicators are pointing to the fact that our new Christian high school will open on time (February 10) for the new school year. In less than a month we should have our first class of students receiving a quality high school education in Armenia Bonito.

booksPastor Jesús, the pastor of our Presbyterian church plant in Armenia Bonito, is going to serve as the Bible teacher for the high school. Each week he will teach a class on theology. For his text books pastor Jesús will use The Westminster Confession of Faith and R.C. Sproul’s Now, That’s A Good Question. These will help provide great fundamental basics for the students.

In addition, the Director of the school will begin each day of class with a prayer and a devotional. She will read the devotional from Charles Spurgeon’s At the Master’s Feet.

These kids will receive a strong dose of solid, biblical Reformed theology. We are eager to watch the conversion take place in some of their hearts. Just imagine the long-term community and individual transformation with exposure to Sproul, Spurgeon and the Westminster Divines.

Pray God will work in the hearts of these kids.

High School Entrance Exam

photo 1On Monday we administered the entrance exam for our new Christian high school in Armenia Bonito. Nine applicants took the test. This is the second time we administered the exam. It will be offered for a third and final time next week. Our school is scheduled to start the 2014 school year on February 10th.

The entrance exam is a three page test created by our staff. The students are given one hour to complete the test. Our staff created the entrance exam to help gauge the education level of our potential students. It is designed to verify the applicants possess a minimum level of education to start our high school. Unfortunately, simply passing the sixth grade (Honduran high school starts at 7th) in Honduras does little to prove appropriate competency.

photo 2Our school will start the year with 30 students. To this point 30 students have applied. We anticipate another 10-15 students will apply this week, forcing us to make some difficult decisions to get us down to our final 30 students. Our entrance exam is just one of the many tools we will use to help select our first class. Thus far 27 of the 30 students who took our entrance exam have passed it. Students are allowed to take the test more than once.

Please pray we possess God’s wisdom when discerning who will be accepted to attend our new high school.

Not One, But Two Matching Grants

Two generous families have offered two unsolicited matching grants for two of our projects in Honduras. Both grants match $1 to $1. If you give $100 to our projects the donors will match your clinicgift with another $100. This is a great way to maximize your contribution.

One family has offered to match all donations, up to $15,000, for the funding of our medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. These funds will go toward purchasing medicine, paying Doctor Roger and paying utilities. This will help provide medical care for those who are in the greatest need.

A different family has offered to match all donations, up to paint$10,000, for the funding of our new Christian high school in Armenia Bonito. These funds will go toward paying our teachers, purchasing computers and paying legal fees. This will provide a quality education to kids who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

If you would like to support the medical clinic or the high school with a onetime gift via your debit or credit card click HERE. If you would like to write a check please mail it to:

Mission to the World
P.O. Box 116284
Atlanta, GA 30368-6284
Attn: #92410

Make sure you write “#92410” in the memo of the check.

Please note, that funds for both projects go into the same account. Please send Mike an e-mail to let him know which project you’d like to support, so your funds are directed to the proper place.

Don’t forget that contributions to our ministry made by midnight on December 31st are tax-deductible toward your 2013 income taxes.

Please share this great news with your friends and family via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.