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Conference For Pastors On Marriage

Dr. Charlemagne Nditemeh taught an intensive class on “Counseling and Family Affairs” for at our seminary. Upon the conclusion of the class Dr. Nditemeh taught a one-day conference for the pastors and their wives on marriage. Dr. Nditemeh holds two doctoral degrees from U.S. seminaries and has written a very useful book on African Christian marriages. This quality of instruction is so rare in Central Africa. It was an amazing blessing to Dr. Nditemeh to teach our seminary students.

Mike and Erin helped to host Dr. Nditemeh. We provided him with hospitality, class logistics, and hosted him for several meals. It was fun to open our home to him and a great benefit for our students and their spouses to have him teach at our seminary.

Mike Teaches Old Testament In Malabo

On Friday Mike finished teaching at two-week intensive course at our seminary in the capital city of Malabo on the island of Bioko. Mike taught “Survey of the Old Testament” to 15 students. The class met daily for 3.5 hours. The class covered 25 books of the Old Testament. The class is intended to provide a foundation which will be built upon in later classes offered by our seminary.

The class had lots of spirited debates and provided the students with mountains of useful information for preaching or teaching in their churches. The students each wrote two papers on OT Bible verses which they can then turn around and use as sermons or Sunday school classes in their local church.

With the help of some of our supporters in the US Mike was able to provide each student with a free copy of the text used in the class. The book was Longman and Dillard’s An Introduction to the Old Testament in Spanish. Many of our readers will remember the book as the same one most of us used in our OT classes in seminary. It is very rare to receive this high quality of book in Central Africa. Translated theology books are like gold here. The students value the books so much. It is our goal to continue to provide every student with a quality theology book of their own for every class taught by us.

Free Seminary Books For Students

Mike just concluded teaching a class on “Overview of the New Testament” at our seminary. Each of the 20 students received a free copy of the Spanish version of the book “An Introduction to the New Testament” by D.A Carson and Douglas Moo. This gift is a great blessing for the students as most of them don’t own Spanish language theology books and they will be able to better prepare for sermons and Sunday school classes.

Later this month Mike will teach a course on “Overview of the Old Testament” on the Malabo campus of our seminary. Mike has purchased 25 copies of the Spanish version of “Introduction to the Old Testament” by Tremper Longman III and Raymond Dillard.

These books are nearly impossible to purchase in Central Africa. These are the same books used by seminaries in the U.S. For an evangelical pastor to own these books in their own language in the Global South is a very rare thing. When Mike informs the students the books are theirs to keep the classes applaud and cheer. Some students can’t believe they get to keep the books and one student even broke down in tears, as it was the first theology book she had ever owned.

For each class we teach we have been providing free copies of theology books for the students. Our desire is that if a student receives a theology book in every class they take from Mike, by the time they graduate they will have a small personal library of 5-10 books in their home. Hopefully, this will enrich their ministries for years to come.

Seminary Hosts Visiting Professor

Dr. Jim Adams just completed teaching a class at our seminary as a visiting lecturer. Dr. Adams taught a two-week intensive course to our master’s students on “Working in a Team and Conflict Resolution.”

Dr. Adam regularly teaches in Guatemala at the Central American Theological Seminary as well as in the Spanish program at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Dr. Adams brought free books for the 14 students and provided a very high level of theological education. It was a great blessing for our students to receive this type of quality instruction.

While Dr. Adams was here Mike and Erin took care of all his in-country logistics.

Mike Teaching New Testament At Seminary

Mike is teaching “Introduction to the New Testament” at our seminary in Bata. The class is being attended by 20 evangelical pastors and church leaders. The course provides an overview of the 27 books of the NT.

Mike is using lectures, small group discussion, reading, research papers, student presentations, and exams to provide a basic overview of the NT. Much of this information is brand new for the students and helps provide them with a great foundation for understanding of biblical theology.

The students are very happy to learn this information. Much of the course comes from sources outside of Scripture, so many of the students have not heard of much of the information. They are asking lots of questions and are participating in some spirited debate with each other and with Mike.

Please pray for wisdom for the students and clarity for Mike’s instruction.