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Goodbye And Thanks To Kate

PeterOur teammate Kate deFuniak is leaving Team Honduras to return to her home in Alabama. Three years ago Kate moved to Honduras  to help us begin a StreetChild ministry to serve the homeless and near homeless kids of La Ceiba. Kate left a comfortable home, a family and a teaching job in the US to dedicate three years of her life to kids she never met.

Shortly after arriving in La Ceiba Kate started the Peter Project. She hired Honduran staff and began a daily ministry to meet the physical and spiritual needs of kids living on the streets.

kateKate posses a rare level of compassion for the hurt and forgotten. She spent three years showing God’s grace, mercy and justice to kids most of us would try to ignore. Kate greatly stretched herself and made herself uncomfortable so others could feel love.

Because of Kate dozens of children learned about Christ, read the Bible, received meals, memorized Scripture, received new clothes, heard Bible stories, received medical care and prayed in the name of Jesus.

The ministry started by Kate will now be run by Mandy, Lauren and a group of Honduran staff.

Thank you Kate for your sacrificial giving to Hondurans and missionaries and for allowing the glory of Christ to shine brightly.

Balloons, Blocks And Bad Service

Our two short-term mission teams are doing great in La Ceiba. Westminster Presbyterian from Clinton, SC has 11 people working with us in Armenia Bonito and Wellington Presbyterian from Wellington, FL has six people working with the Troxells in La Fe.

IMG_4656On Tuesday the Westminster crew started the day with more construction on a new home for the Guevara family. They mixed mortar and laid more rows of cinder blocks to raise the walls a bit higher. In the afternoon they helped teach two Kids Clubs complete with games, verse memorization, crafts and a Bible skit. For dinner we all went out to a restaurant to sample the local cuisine. The food was great, but the service was bad.

941215_4474475159226_2111540315_nOn Wednesday the team helped do construction work on our downtown ministry center. At midday they had lunch and spent some time with the StreetKids from our Peter Project. The kids loved the balloon animals they made. After lunch we all went out to Armenia Bonito to spend the afternoon swimming in the river with the local kids.

If you would like to keep up with what Westminster and Wellington are up to this week keep checking back to this blog or follow us on Twitter.

New StreetChild Drop-In Center Is Open

projectLast week we opened the doors of our new StreetChild drop-in center. For a year the daily ministry to the forgotten kids of La Ceiba has been meeting in our dorm facility on the same property. No longer do they have to share their space with other ministries.

The kids of the Peter Project now have their own hang out. Our gringo and Honduran staff minister daily to the 20-25 kids who escape the streets for a short while. Each day the kids receive a hot meal, study Christ, learn Bible verses, play games, learn structure and feel safe.

image (1)Our new StreetChild drop-in center has its own entry, bathroom, storage and more. The kids also have access, in the same building, to our new industrial kitchen and dinning facility.

Please pray that through our team Christ will touch the hearts of these kids and bring them to himself. Pray the kids find safety, mercy and love within the walls of our new drop-in center. Pray we continue to have the staff and resources to serve these kids.

Center For Homeless Kids

IMG_4275Our StreetChild ministry is run by Kate and Mandy. They work in conjunction with our Honduran staff; Hector, Roberto and Elsa. Together this dynamic group ministers daily to two-dozen homeless kids from the streets of La Ceiba, Honduras.

Our team is nearing the conclusion of our construction on a permanent ministry center for our work to these kids. Our StreetChild ministry will soon have a meeting room, kitchen and center complete with a shower and storage area.

IMG_4270Our StreetChild ministry is currently operating daily out of our dormitory. This facility has been a wonderful temporary solution, but the ministry has outgrown it and is ready for a permanent home.

This new facility is going to be great and will provide so many more options for this important ministry. Already, these kids are receiving daily meals, discipleship, biblical training, structure and the love and mercy of Christ. Soon they will have so much more.

Please pray for the safe and rapid construction of this facility and the funds to make it happen.

Visit Of Mercy

IMG_4048This week we are being visited by Kay Burklin, MTW’s Director of Mercy Ministry. Kay coordinates MTW’s worldwide efforts on all mercy related ministries. Much of the work we do here in La Ceiba is focused on mercy related work. Our team has worked together with Kay for a few years to promote the many areas of mercy-related service in Honduras.

On Tuesday Kay will be working all day with Kate and Mandy to learn about our StreetChild ministry. On Wednesday Kay will be spending the day with Erin at our medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. And, on Thursday Kay will be with Shannon and Jen at our home for teenage moms, Door of Hope. Kay will really be drinking from the Honduran fire hose of mercy ministry.

It is great to be able to benefit from Kay’s wisdom and to share with her some practical applications from our mercy experiences.